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EP2 - Waqia Karbala Ka Haqeeqi Pas Manzar | ALRA TV

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SPECIAL EPISODE - Episode 2, Muharram Series: Younus AlGohar paints a complete picture of the state of the Muslims by the time Moula Ali came into power. What role did Ameer Muawiya have in the assassination of Usman-e-Ghani? How did Ameer Muawiya become a Fasiq (one who commits Fisq)? How did Ameer Muawiya alter the political and religious landscape - and what does he have to do with the fabrication of false Prophetic Traditions?

This video is the second in a three-part series centred around Muharram and Imam Hussain's martyrdom.

Main points:

- Usman-e-Ghani was accused of nepotism because of the concessions Ameer Muawiya received from him due to his sister being Usman-e-Ghani's wife; he was killed by the Kharijites. Ameer Muawiya accused Moula Ali of not doing enough to catch the murders responsible for Usman-e-Ghani's death; it was on this pretext that he declared war against Moula Ali and convinced Bibi Aisha to join him.

- The Muslim nation was divided into two groups. One, the rebels, was led by Ameer Muawiya. The other group was led by Moula Ali. The people on Ameer Muawiya's side had undoubtedly heard that Prophet Mohammad said, 'For whosoever I am Moula, Ali is also their Moula.' However, they did not have faith. Those who do not condemn Ameer Muawiya for his actions or those who say that both groups were paradise-bound are disobeying the Koran 2:42. Koran 2:42 commands you not to mix the truth with falsehood and not to conceal the truth when you know it, otherwise you will lose your faith.

- To swear at a True Believer is an act of Fisq (disobedience to God) - so what about if someone swears at Moula Ali? Could such a person be rightly guided? The answer is no. God said in the Koran that God does not guide the Fasiqeen. Ameer Muawiya used to go into mosques and make the Imams swear at Moula Ali during the Friday sermons. Then, Moula Ali was martyred.

- Imam Hassan took Moula Ali's place and, with the future in mind, he abdicated the Caliphate for the sake of the unification of the Muslim nation. He proposed a peace treaty with Ameer Muawiya according to which Ameer Muawiya would get to be Caliph as long as he did not make the Caliphate inheritable. He was to defer to the opinions of the majority of Muslims when it came time for another Caliph to be chosen. However, he had Imam Hassan poisoned and subsequently appointed his son as his successor. An uprising was brewing as a result in the Muslim nation, as many did not agree to his decision.

- There were four individuals at this point whom the entire Muslim nation looked up to including Abu Bakr's son and Umar bin Khattab's son. Ameer Muawiya gathered them under a pretext at the Al-Haram Mosque and, at sword point, made them lie to the people. He told the people, 'They have accepted my decision to make my son, Yazid, my successor and they pledge allegiance to me.' So Ameer Muawiya not only violated the peace treaty he made with Prophet Mohammad's grandson, but he also lied at the pulpit of the Al-Haram Mosque.

- In order to quieten the Muslims who had begun to oppose him, Ameer Muawiya brought in an influx of fabricated Prophetic Traditions, claiming that what scholars of the religion said were not important. He fabricated many false Prophetic Traditions, including a famous one that suggests that Moula Ali incorrectly recited a verse of the Koran while intoxicated. After Moula Ali was martyred, the political Islam expired. After that, whatever happened in the Islamic Sultanate was not done from God.


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