Sunday, 9 September 2018

Sharia or Democracy | Islami Nizam Ya Jamhooriyat | ALRA TV

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Younus AlGohar’s monumental speech on the possibility of implementing an Islamic government in Pakistan.

Main points:

- In Islam, there is no room for democracy. Democracy is a worldly system that has nothing to do with religion. Prophet Mohammad did not do politics in the way we tend to think of politics - he worked for the spiritual and societal welfare of humanity. He connected people to God and taught them how to live harmoniously with one another.

- An Islamic government would only work when the residents are all Muslims. Today, there are over 73 sects in Islam. If one were to implement Islamic Sharia as the law of the country, they would have to decide which sect’s Sharia they would impose. Secondly, if they were to impose the Sharia of a particular sect, then that sect would destroy the other 72 sects and their followers. Therefore, it is in the interest of humanity that the system of governance be a secular one which respects the rights of all people and gives them freedom of religion. Religion should be considered a personal matter between an individual and God.

- If you want to implement the same system of governance that Prophet Mohammad established in Medina, first you have to have the same Islam and you need connection to Prophet Mohammad. Today, that Islam is nowhere to be seen - nor do you have any connection to Prophet Mohammad. In Saudi Arabia, Islam is not practised - it is a society in which one develops arrogance and disdain for the saints of God. If a society encourages such negative vices, how could it be Islamic? Similarly, Iran has its own version of Islam which has been modified to account for the excess of women and shortage of men following the Iran-Iraq War.

- Today, Islam no longer connects you to God or caters to your spiritual needs. When a religion is not able to take care of your spiritual needs, how can it provide you with a political solution? Every society necessitates a system based on equality and fairness in which no one suffers injustice. Such a system cannot be religiously based, because religion causes divisions. Unification will come through a secular system in which spirituality thrives - and such a system will be implemented in Pakistan under the blessings of Imam Mehdi. Then, it will not matter what religion one practices  - as long as they love God, they will be in the majority and they will support Imam Mehdi.


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