Sunday, 31 March 2019

Namaz Ki Ehmiyat

Younus AlGohar explains the true significance of Salat. Is it the first pillar of Islam? Will the first question asked on the Day of Judgement be about one's Salat? Find out in this video.


- Religious people tend to exaggerate the ranks of the prophets or saints they follow. Even if God has not granted that prophet such a grand rank, the followers will say that he did. Disciples of a saint will try their best to declare him the greatest saint in the world even if he is just a minor saint. They think, 'Praising and glorifying the Spiritual Guide as much as possible should be part of our faith.' Similarly, the Barelvis do not talk about any saint - they leave their entire spiritual system to Ahmed Raza Khan, who was a religious scholar, not a saint. All these wrong tenets and concepts develop due to the element of exaggeration among people.

- In a similar way, there is an element of exaggeration when describing the importance of worship now. Muslims, especially in India and Pakistan, think that the gist of all worship lies in Salat and to appear to be a Muslim, all you have to do is keep a beard.

- The entire world knows that the first pillar of Islam is the Motto of Faith (Kalima-e-Tayyab). Therefore, those who say that Salat is the first pillar of Islam are wrong.  If the first pillar of Islam were Salat, then a disbeliever would have to first offer Salat in order to become a Muslim. But in order to become Muslims, people recite the Motto of Faith first; they don't offer Salat.

- Salat was brought down 13 years after Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) announced his prophethood, when he ascended on the Night of Ascension. Before that, people used to simply engage in the invocation of God's name.

A Prophetic Tradition states, 'The greatest invocation is that of the Motto of Faith - La Ilaha Illah Allah Mohammad Rasool Allah.'

- Religious scholars say that the first question on the Day of Judgement will be about Salat because Mevlana Rumi said so in his book, the Masnawi. However, Mevlana Rumi is not the authority on the religion nor is any other saint. If anyone is an authority on the religion, it is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

-  Salat has been made obligatory upon the Devout Believers. A newly converted Muslim is not yet a Devout Believer, so how can he offer Salat? Therefore, this is further evidence that Salat is not the first pillar of Islam. When your heart and other subtleties are enlightened and then you offer Salat - fully aware of the significance of the words that you recite - then your Salat will be of a grand level.


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