Monday 1 April 2019

Kya Aaj Bhi Koi Sihabi Ban Sakta Hai?

Younus AlGohar's thought-provoking, galvanising speech about the possibility of the modern-day man becoming a Companion of the Beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).


    - A Companion is one who has spent time in the company of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). However, there are different types of company. Muslims today are wrong to think that the company of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is confined to his physical company only, therefore only those would be counted as Companions of the Prophet who lived in Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)'s era. One who seeks the love of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the company of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) may find himself objecting to God and feeling a lack of self-esteem, believing that he could never become a Companion of the Prophet simply because he happened to be born after the era of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

    - If being a Companion of the Prophet relied on chance - and only those born in Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)'s era were lucky - then this would be a highly flawed system because one became a Companion of the Prophet by chance and another was utterly deprived of such bounty by chance. Such injustice could never be served in God's court.
    - The company of the Prophet which renders far more benevolence than just the physical company of the Prophet was available 1400 years ago and it is available even today! There are different types of Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) company. One is his physical company and one is the company of his Spiritual Heart. One is the company of his Lower Self and one is the company of his Soul. Those with access to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)'s physical company were not guaranteed to be guided; Abu Jahl (The Father of Ignorance) remained to be ignorant despite living in Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)'s era. But those in the company of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)'s soul became grand personalities like Bilal, Owais Karni, Abdul Qadir Jilani, Data, Khwaja, etc.

    - Do not think to become a Companion of the Prophet was only possible in those 23 years. Sultan Haq Bahu has written in his book that he has pledged allegiance at the hands of Prophet Mohammad. So does that not make him a Companion of the Prophet? And if religious clerics object and say that Sultan Haq Bahu's pledge of allegiance is invalid because it was performed spiritually and not in the physical company of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), then they would also have to declare Owais Karni's pledge of allegiance to be invalid.

    - The truth is that one could be a Companion 1400 years ago and one can become a Companion today. It is even possible that someone who obtained the company of Prophet Mohammad's Soul today would be granted a higher rank than the Companion who only obtained the Prophet's physical company 1400 years ago. The one who obtained the company of the Prophet's Soul is greater regardless of the era. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), his love and spiritual attachment to him are all unbound by time and space! Seeing his beauty and obtaining access to his Soul is the mark of greatness.


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