Tuesday 9 April 2019

Sirāt e Mustaqeem

Younus AlGohar explains why having Zikar-e-Qalb (Invocation of the Heart) is the key to obtaining the Straight Path (Sirat e Mustaqeem), Habl Allah (Divine Rope) and Emaan (Faith).


'O Sons of Adam, there is a lump of flesh in your body, if it is corrected your entire body will be correct....remember well: it is your heart.' - Prophetic Tradition

    - When the invocation of God's name begins in the chambers of the heart, it generates divine energy. The first task for your heart is to purify the blood and mix divine energy in the blood. That divine energy, mixed in the bloodstream, will travel throughout your entire body, purifying it. Once the entire body is purified, the divine energy will start climbing, drop by drop, towards God.

'The heart of a Devout Believer is the Throne of God.' - Prophetic Tradition

'You make mention of me and I will make mention of you.' - Koran 2:152

    - It means that when you send the divine energy of the invocation towards God, he will also send divine energy down towards you. So divine energy is mounting up from you and divine energy is also descending from God. At one point, they will become attached and it will turn into the Divine Rope (Habl Allah). When it turns into the Divine Rope, this is the Straight Path. This never breaks.

    - On the Straight Path, anything that comes in your heart - any thought, any question - it will directly reach God. The Straight Path is a hotline to God - there will be daily transportation of thoughts. Your thoughts ascend there and messages will descend towards you.

'Salat is the culmination of a Devout Believer.' - Prophetic Tradition.

    - Muslims are only aware that there has to be a Straight Path but they don't know why. Once you are on the Straight Path, you will travel it every day. When you offer Salat while on the Straight Path, this will become a ladder. Your Salat will reach God on this path.


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