Thursday 4 April 2019

Ghaib Ka Ilm Kis Ke Paas Hai?


Sufi Spiritualist Younus AlGohar's spiritual analysis of the Koranic verses about the Unseen World.


'God knows the Unseen and he does not disclose the Knowledge of the Unseen to anyone for except the Messengers he chooses to.' - Koran 72:26

    - God does not normally share the Knowledge of the Unseen. However, in some unusual circumstances, he opts to share that knowledge with some favourite of his Messengers. Therefore, the favourite Messengers of God have the Knowledge of the Unseen. Some Muslims believe Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is not privy to the Knowledge of the Unseen - however, by saying so, it suggests that (God forbid) Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is not among the favourite Messengers of God. Whereas Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is the Beloved of God.

    - God does have favourites. Who are the 'favourite' Messengers of God? God did not mention them by name.

'So then tell them that the Unseen belongs to God only.' - Koran 10:20

    - The Unseen which is only for God. Then what is the Knowledge of the Unseen given to the 'favourite' Messengers? Does this mean that the 'favourite' Messengers of God are actually from the Community of God themselves? If the Unseen is only for God, then it would be useless for Messengers who are not from the Community of God to be given it.

    - There are two possible scenarios here. In scenario one, God discloses the Knowledge of the Unseen to some of his favourite Messengers simply to make them happy. In scenario two, the reason God shares the Knowledge of the Unseen with his 'favourite' Messengers is that those Messengers are actually individuals from the Unseen World who have taken up the guise of Messengers.
    - Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is purely God's light, he is not a human being. However, the Koran 18:110 says that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is an example of a man for others. This is a personification. He appears to be a human being but the ingredients of his body are different from that of the average person - it is made from divine energy. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is in the guise of a human being, so to speak, but in reality, he is God's light.

    -  None of those individuals from the Unseen World who came in this world in the guise of Messengers have died. This includes Enoch, Elias and Jesus Christ who are waiting to return in the era of Imam Mehdi.


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