Wednesday 24 April 2019

Muhammad (saw) Ki Ummat Afzal Tareen Kesay?

Younus AlGohar explains why Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)'s Nation was declared to be the greatest.


'When what has already been prophesied to occur, when that will occur, nobody will be able to deny it. Those who are above will be brought down and then taken up again. The earth will begin to shake. Great mountains will disintegrate like clouds. Everything will turn to dust and disperse.' - Koran 56:1-6

    - The name of chapter 56 of the Koran is 'Waqiah (Occurrence)'.  It is believed among all Muslims that this occurrence refers to the Day of Judgement, Doomsday. When there are earthquakes, the ground trembles; however, this shall be on an even greater scale. The mountains will disintegrate when the mineral spirits are taken out of them. So far, only the events of the Last Day on Earth have been discussed in the chapter.

'And then you will come in three groups.' - Koran 56:7

    - Three different categories of the souls were created before the occurrence of the Command Be on the Primordial Day: the souls in God's Proximity, Love and Manifestation. Then, the rest of the souls were created with the power of the Command Be. The souls were divided yet another three times on the Primordial Day: one group was those who leapt towards the luxuries of the world, the second was of those who leapt towards the luxuries of the paradise and the third group was of souls who were indecisive. On the Last Day, you will be classified into one of three groups.

'There will be a group of the Companions of the Right Hand. And you do not know who they are. There will be the Companions of the Left Hand. You do not know who they are' - Koran 56:8-9

    - It is understood in Sharia that People of the Right means heaven-bound people and People of the Left means hell-bound people. However, in spirituality, the meaning changes - 'Companions of the Right Hand' refers to those in the Religion of God and 'Companions of the Left Hand' refers to those who have become Devout Believers by following a particular religion.

'The Foremost Ones are the ones who will become close to God. They will be in the Paradise of Neem.' Koran 56:10-12

    - The Foremost Ones refers to the souls created before the Command Be. They are the ones who will obtain the proximity of God when they come on Earth. They are those who will reach the 6th level of paradise; this is the paradise for all prophets and Sauleheen. The 7th level of paradise is for the Divine Lovers.

'The majority of those who will obtain God's proximity will be from the Foremost Ones while very few will come from the second batch of souls [created with Command Be].' Koran 56:13-14

    - The first 5 levels of paradise are for the people, the Akhireen, who enlighten their subtleties of the breast through the celestial religions brought down by the 5 Grand Messengers. Those who chose Khuld, the 1st level of paradise, would be sent in Adam's era and those who chose the 2nd would come Abraham's era. Those who chose the 3rd would come in Moses's era, the 4th in Jesus's era and the 5th in Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)'s era. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)'s Nation is the greatest because it comprises people who chose the 5th level of paradise (the highest level the Akhireen souls can attain).

    - Once in a while, to inspire the souls, God would send a one or two Foremost Souls down on Earth. Inspired by the Foremost Souls, people would set out in search of God's proximity; they would find their destiny even though they would not manage to reach the proximity of God.

    -  The first 5 levels of paradise relate to religions. The 6th and 7th levels do not have to do with any religion, they are for the Foremost Souls. Grand personalities who came into various religions actually come from the Foremost Souls. In the era of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, some Devout Believers destined for the 5th level of paradise came and He took them to their destination. Imam Mehdi Himself has come for the Foremost Souls who have come in this era.


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