Thursday 18 April 2019

Kya Aaj Bhi Koi Wali Allah Ban Sakta Hai?



- Sainthood was terminated with the arrival of Imam Mehdi. Sainthood itself was not a rank; it was an esoteric status.. Sainthood was of two types.

- One type of sainthood was called Faqr-e-Ba Karam which means entering into Faqr (Spiritual Poverty) through someone's blessings. The culmination of Faqr-e-Ba-Karam is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Those who belong to Faqr-e-Ba Karam neither have any connection nor contact with God. They rely heavily on worship and focus on taming the Lower Self.

- The other type of sainthood is Wilayat-e-Uzma (Greater Sainthood) which has two stages. The first is witnessing the divine splendour and the second is to converse with God. Those who witness the divine splendour are the ones who are granted the Personal Name of God. Those who converse with God are those who are given the Names of God's Attributes. The knowledge of seeing God is given to the Ana. When it sees God, the image of God becomes absorbed into the Ana. Through the Ana, it is transferred onto the eyes and then onto the heart. The image of God goes through the eyes so that the eyes can be used to cast spiritual concentration upon others and revive their hearts. It settles into the heart so that the divine theophanies may befall the heart and for the Divine Rope to be connected to that image of God in the heart. God selects some of the saints who have seen God become Spiritual Guides. Not all saints are Spiritual Guides. The one God chooses to become a Spiritual Guide is taught the knowledge of Muarifat, which is the knowledge of granting guidance through divine permission. Such people are known as Wali-Murshid (Saint- Spiritual Guide).

According to Koran 18:17, those whom God wishes to misguide are deprived of finding a Wali-Murshid.

- Imam Mehdi has arrived as the Universal Spiritual Master. Now all forms of guidance are being granted by Imam Mehdi. There are no more Spiritual Guides because the chapter of Muarifat has been closed. The Divine Rope - which used to descend from the higher realms down to be attached to certain saints, messengers and prophets - has been taken back by God. That Divine Rope did not have flexibility within it to be attached to someone who doesn't follow a religion. With the arrival of Imam Mehdi, there are 7 Divine Ropes attached from the chest of Imam Mehdi that are ascending. In other words, the process has been reversed. Sainthood has been replaced with Rapturous Love.

- The 7 Divine Ropes are known as the Riazian Waterfall. When it was just a single Divine Rope, human beings were responsible for cleansing themselves. They had to follow the rules of religion in order to ensure their own purity. It was only when you did all those things that the Divine Rope would benefit you. No saint or prophet would bother with the sinners. But now, HDE Gohar Shahi - the awaited Imam Mehdi - does not place any restrictions upon the sinners. He says, 'Continue sinning as you do, but also engage in the invocation of God's name.' Nobody else can afford to say such a sentence!

- You, a human being, can get connected to the 7 Divine Ropes which God himself is a recipient of. You end up receiving the same amount of benevolence as God. This could not have been done through a single Divine Rope because in this day and age, people are so unclean and nobody wants to make the effort to negate themselves in order to obtain purity. Nobody wants to go to the jungle for spiritual discipline and negation of the Lower Self. In such a situation, the hearts of sinners like us were revived with God's name purely through HDE Gohar Shahi's spiritual concentration and the 7 Divine Ropes that He connected us to. Our faith and divine love are solely dependent upon HDE Gohar Shahi's spiritual concentration.


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