Saturday 6 April 2019

Kya Raqs Karna Jayez Hai?


Younus AlGohar answers a viewer who asked him to provide references from the Koran and Prophetic Traditions to support the practice of Raqs (Sufi dance).


    - Not all actions of the Sufis can be referenced in the Koran and Prophetic Traditions. Many things occurred in the era of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) which the Prophet did not forbid, but they were also not mentioned in the Koran.

    - When Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) migrated and settled in Medina, the girls from the Fijar tribe welcomed him by playing the daf and singing. The same young girls would often visit the Prophet's house and perform Raqs before the Prophet as well as sing. Prophet Mohammad approved of this.  The approval of Prophet Mohammad for Raqs became an example for every Sufi. And if the Sufis perform Raqs with the emotions of love for their Spiritual Guide and for God then this does not go against Sharia. Sharia itself is the will of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

    - Mevlana Rumi invented Raqs Dervish (Whirling Dervish). Other grand spiritual personalities like Lal Shahbaz Qalandar (who performed Dhamal), Bu Ali Shah Qalandar and Bulleh Shah (who would dance out of love for their respective Spiritual Guide) utilised the Raqs.

    - There are different types of Saints. Some Saints are Kamil Sharia (Perfect in Sharia) and they do not dance. However, those who come under the influence of Ishq (rapturous love) for their Spiritual Guide or God, they become engrossed in Raqs. Their line of Dervishhood is separate. If they dance under the influence of God's Ishq then their dance becomes their worship.

    - Not everything is mentioned in the Koran. If it were, the religious scholars would not deem it necessary to do Ijtihad. Ijtihad is required when an issue arises for which the solution is not to be found in the Koran or Prophetic Traditions; the religious scholars come to a decision based on their deductions which they then implement onto the Muslims as Sharia. The religion of Islam is in its 15th century. Life has changed, people's lifestyles have changed and their intentions have changed during this time period; therefore not everything is addressed in the Koran that was revealed 1400-1450 years ago.


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