Saturday 27 April 2019

Kya Allah Ne 50 Namazen Farz Ki Thi?

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'The religious clerics say that God made 50 Salat obligatory but Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) reduced the number of Salat to 5 during the Night of Ascension. Is this true?' Watch this video for Younus AlGohar's comprehensive answer.


 - Many false additions have been made to the Prophetic Traditions and narration of the events. Had Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) been so concerned about making things easier for the Muslim Nation by reducing the number of Salat, he would have also reduced the number of obligatory fasts or changed the time for fasting to winter instead of summer. Therefore, there is no truth in what the religious clerics say about the 50 Salat.

 - This fabricated story of the clerics makes it seem like God is quite strict on his creation whereas the Prophet (PBUH) felt merciful towards his Nation. It is alleged that the thought didn't occur to the Prophet himself, rather, it was Moses who told him that 50 Salat are too many. This gives an impression that neither God nor Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) were concerned about the welfare of the Muslim Nation - and that it was, in fact, all due to Moses that the number of Salat was reduced so drastically from 50 to 5. There is absolutely no truth to this.

 - God Almighty has made Salat obligatory upon Devout Believers and it is time-allotted. If there were even 48 obligatory Salat, one would have to perform that Salat every 30 minutes. Just offering Salat alone takes 20-25 minutes, all things considered. In that case, you would spend all your time in the mosque offering Salat. You wouldn't have time to go home. You wouldn't find time to take care of your family or get married. You wouldn't even have time to eat or go to the toilet. Therefore, this nonsensical idea is concocted by the religious clerics. Whatever comes from God runs in accordance with human nature.


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