Friday 19 April 2019

Wahdat Al Wajood Aur Shahood Mein Sahi Kon?


Younus AlGohar explains the differences between Wahdat al Wajood and Wahdat al Shahood and reveals why both are correct.


- Wahdat al Wajood is for the saints and fakirs who obtain the benevolence of the divine energy of God's attributes. People like Rumi, Allama Iqbal and Bayazid Bastami fall under this category. Wahdat al Shahood is for the saints who have received benevolence from God's individuality - who have witnessed the divine splendour. The people of Wahdat al Shahood have faith having seen God whereas Wahdat al Wajood is faith based upon God's attributes.

Koran 24:35 states that everything between the skies and earth has been created with God's light.

-  The divine energy of God's attributes is everywhere on the earth and in the skies. When you have that divine energy of God in your heart, you will see that divine energy of God's attributes in mountains, birds, cows, goats, etc. So you will think, 'God is omnipresent.' For example, the motherly love that a mother has relates to God's attribute of mercy and it is found in both animals and human beings.

- Wahdat al Shahood is for the people with the divine energy relating to God's individuality. The divine energy of God's individuality isn't in this world. It was introduced with the advent of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) - those who obtained it became part of his Nation. Those who obtained the divine energy of God's individuality looked here and there for it in the world. They went to Kaaba and the Prophet's Mosque and they exclaimed, 'God's light has been taken back from this earth!' They only saw the divine energy of God's individuality in the Empyrean of God.

- Both philosophies are correct. I personally follow Wahdat al Shahood. His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi made me a Fana fil Sheikh. Now there is a sub-spirit of HDE Gohar Shahi in my chest. Had I followed Wahdat al Wajood, I would have said, 'Yes, Gohar is here.' However, since I follow Wahdat al Shahood, I say, 'Yes, a sub-spirit of HDE Gohar Shahi is here [in me], but the individuality of HDE Gohar Shahi is there. Therefore, call me a servant of HDE Gohar Shahi.’


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