Saturday 13 April 2019

Ghous e Azam Ka Maqam


Younus AlGohar answers a viewer’s question about the spiritual ranks of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani.


- Within the Nation of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), after Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s Tifl-e-Noori (Body of God’s Light), Abdul Qadir Jilani’s Tifl-e-Noori is the strongest and most powerful.

- The Tifl-e-Noori directly attached with God belongs to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). In his era, only his Tifl-e-Noori was attached with God.m: despite also having Tifl-e-Noori, Bibi Fatima and Hassan Basri’s Tifl-e-Noori were not attached to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) or God directly. You would have to go through Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to get to God. In Abdul Qadir Jilani’s era, his Tifl-e-Noori was directly attached to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s. Now, you would have to go through Abdul a Qadir Jilani to get to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and then to God. This became the new equation.

Sultan Haq Bahu, who was also a Sultan ul Fuqra (one who has a Tifl-e-Noori), said, ‘I beg for the scraps of Baghdad (Abdul Qadir Jilani’s city).’

- This is because Abdul Qadir Jilani serves as an intermediary (to God and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)) for the other Sultan ul Fuqras too.

- Now we are in the era of Imam Mehdi. The Original Reflection (Aks-e-Awwal) of God which is in Imam Mehdi is attached to God directly from the other side of God (God’s ‘West’). The Tifl-e-Noori of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Abdul Qadir Jilani and the other Sultan ul Fuqra are linked to God from his ‘East’. Whoever becomes connected to Imam Mehdi is not far from God himself.

- On God’s East, people would come to God through the religion. However, the highway to God from his West is clear - it is only for Imam Mehdi. There is no ‘traffic’ so to speak, on the West side. You don’t have to follow a religion to get to God through Imam Mehdi. All you have to do is believe in Imam Mehdi. The highway to God from the East is permanently closed now as Abdul Qadir Jilani has handed over the keys off God’s Personal Name to Imam Mehdi.

- Abdul Qadir Jilani’s eminence and honour lies in the fact that he was the only one whose Tifl-e-Noori was included in that trinity - being directly attached to the Tifl-e-Noori of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and God. Other great saints came but none could ever reach this rank. Even Moula Ali and Bibi Fatima did not reach this rank.


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