Friday 19 April 2019

Allama Iqbal Ke Shair ki Batni Tashreeh


By popular request, Younus AlGohar breaks down some of Allama Iqbal’s famous poetry in light of his extensive knowledge in Urdu literature and spirituality.


‘Ki Muhammad (SAW) se wafa tu ne to hum teray hain
Ye jahaan cheez hai kiya, Loh-o-Qalam teray hain.’ -  Allama Iqbal

- ‘Urdu-speakers generally believe ‘Wafa’ to mean ‘to be loyal’.  However, Wafa is not originally an Urdu word - in fact, no words in Urdu belong to Urdu. A majority of the words in the Urdu language come from either Arabic or Persian. Some English words like ‘school’ have also been borrowed into the language. The speciality of the Urdu language is that it doesn't have its own background. The Urdu language was formed fairly recently in India. This language was the result of a cocktail of people coming together. When people of various backgrounds lived in Delhi, this language was formerly known as Urdu-e-Muallah. Muallah means great.

- The word ‘wafa’ actually comes from Arabic, just like the word 'buzurgh' (elderly) also comes from Arabic. A lot of the sentence structure in Urdu also comes from Persian. For example, ‘Tarkeeb-e-Istemal’ (how to use something). The structure of Persian is such that if we were to say ‘Amjad Ali’ in Persian, he would be ‘Ali-e-Amjad’.

- Similarly, wafa is an Arabic word and it means to do something to completion. Wafa denotes accomplishment. So then what does it mean to have wafa for Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)? It means to be completely dyed in the colours of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) - to completely follow the Prophet.

'Say unto them: if you wish to love God then follow me.' - Koran 3:31

'Ki Muhammad (SAW) se wafa tu ne to hum teray hain. (I belong to you if you have wafa for Prophet Mohammad).’ - Allama Iqbal

- This was actually a divine inspiration sent to Allama Iqbal. So you should follow the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to completion. Become lost in the Prophet physically and spiritually and God says he will become yours.

‘Ye jahaan cheez hai kiya, Loh-o-Qalam teray hain.’ - Allama Iqbal

- Here, he is talking about servitude to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the love of the Prophet. He is preaching that you dye yourself completely in the Prophet's colours. You must become completely obedient to Prophet Mohammad. Make your Lower Self a servant of the Prophet and make your heart a lover of the Prophet.

‘BaMustafa (SAW) barsaan khowesh ra ke Deen hama oost.
Agar bah-o-ner sayyadi, tamam bu-Lahabi ast.’ - Allama Iqbal

- Meaning, obtain access to the Prophet because he is the embodiment of the religion. And if you fail to obtain access to the Prophet then all your deeds will be wasted as those of Abu Lahab.


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