Monday 15 April 2019

Surah Kausar Ki Tashreeh


Younus AlGohar reveals the reality of the Pond of Kausar mentioned in Chapter Kausar of the Koran.


    - People say that there are sweet milk and sherbet in the Pond of Kausar, but this is wrong. Whoever has rapturous love for Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), their liver begins to dry up. As blood in the lover's liver burns and the Pond of Kausar fills with blood.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi said, '[The Pond of Kausar] is filled with the blood from the livers of the lovers of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

    - When people used to taunt Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and say, 'You have no sons,' that is when God would say, 'I have given you so many lovers who have filled that Pond of Kausar with the blood from their livers. You should be grateful. The children of these disbelievers who taunt you will be forgotten. Whereas there will always be people who fill the [Pond of Kausar] with the blood of their livers until the Day of Judgement.'

'Your grandeur will continue to grow. And they will continue to fall [into ruin].' - Koran 108:1


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