Saturday 13 April 2019

Zakir e Qalbi ke Halaat Kiyon Kharab Hotay Hain?


Younus AlGohar explains why some people experience hardship - financial or otherwise -after obtaining the Opening of the Spiritual Heart.


- When you obtain the Opening of the Spiritual Heart, your heart is only revived with God's permission. If your heart has been initiated then do not doubt for a second that God is reciprocating his love for you. Once you obtain the Opening of the Spiritual Heart, you are under God's radar. Now the provisions coming to you will be filtered - you will only receive permissible (halal) provisions. Before obtaining the Opening of the Spiritual Heart, there was no way for you to determine whether the provisions you were receiving were permissible or prohibited (haram).

- The common conception is that the provisions earned without any fraudulent method are lawful, but this is not correct. For example, you have a job somewhere and you earn £100 for 8 hours of work. Now, if you did not do any work for 5 minutes out of the 8 hours, then earning a salary for those 5 minutes would be unlawful. Therefore, you have no idea how much you have earned unlawfully.

- This is a sensitive matter. Muslims today, especially in Pakistan, are earning unlawfully; they are engaged in bribery and fraud and God knows what other indecent and immoral activities but despite that, they go to perform Hajj and Umrah. If a person's conscience is dead and they become so insensitive that they would earn money even if it means putting others' lives at risk and stealing from those on the streets just to shroud themselves in luxury, what kind of Islam do they practise?

- When somebody becomes a Zakir-e-Qalbi (Enlightened Heart), he comes directly under God's radar. Now God will not allow any unlawful provisions to come to him. Before becoming Zakir-e-Qalbis, people have successful businesses and large incomes. As soon as their hearts are initiated, their business slows down. They start to become financially weak. They then only get the provisions that are written in their fate and which are permissible. But when this happens, people don't understand and they then quit the path to God. Such people end up in hellfire.

- If your financial affairs become worse after obtaining the Opening of the Spiritual Heart, then they won't remain to be worse for very long. God has simply stopped the way of unlawful provisions to you. After that when divine energy enters your bloodstream, then the angels will become your helpers. Then when you give Zakat and charity, the provisions written in many other people's fate will cross paths with yours. A time will come when God will give you wealth without any accountability. Not only will what you have be permissible, but you will make the provisions of others permissible just by giving 2 rupees.

- This lack of distinction you make between the lawful and unlawful provisions won't fly anymore once you become a Zakir-e-Qalbi. As long as you followed the sect of your own choosing - Shiism, Sunnism, Wahhabism, etc - it was fine. Because those sects have nothing to do with God. When your connection with God is established, then God won't allow any unlawful provisions near you. God takes the divine taxes from a Devout Believer himself and as a result, he earns just enough to get by.

- A person God has made wealth is generous. He will spend a lot of money but will want for nothing. If a rich person is stingy, you can understand that his wealth was built unlawfully using prohibited provisions. One who God has granted wealth will have a huge heart. He will never keep the money to himself. He will help a needy person without discriminating based on religion.

- Sometimes, a human being feels enjoyment and progresses spiritually by doing acts that are not worship, but rather serve God's creation. The secret behind this system that God has in place of helping the needy ones is that perhaps someone from the needy ones is meant to become a Divine Lover of God down the line.


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