Saturday 13 April 2019

Insan Mein Posheeda 7 Jahan


Younus AlGohar explains how the entire universe is enclosed within man himself.


Moula Ali said, 'You consider yourself to be so small when in reality God has concealed all the realms within you. Your illness is within you and the remedy is also within you but you don't have the knowledge.'

 - What it means is that we have the keys to accessing the entire universe created by God.

'Everything is within you but you don't have the sight [to see].' - Koran 51:21

 - There are 7 realms: The Realm of Divine Unity, The Realm of Hahoowiyat, The Realm of Souls, The Realm of Angels, The Terrestrial Realm and man himself. God has placed keys to the other 6 realms within man in the form of souls. There is a soul in the forehead known as Ana. There are 5 souls in the chest: the Spiritual Heart, the Sirri, the Akhfah, the Khafi and the Main Soul. The Lower Self is at the navel point. Each realm relates to one of these souls. To revive and enlighten the souls in the chest is known as Shahr-e-Sadr (The Opening of the Chest).

'O' Prophet Mohammad, I have opened your chest for your sake.' - Koran 94:1

'One who obtained Opening of the Chest through God's name in order to adopt and follow Islam is successful and will be given divine energy by the Lord.' - Koran 39:22

 - To obtain the Opening of the Chest is the first Custom of Prophet Mohammad that one must follow. You cannot adopt Islam without the Opening of the Chest. This is the Straight Path and this is how you will be guided.

'If someone intends to believe in me, I will direct their heart.' - Koran 64:11

 - If you intend to believe in God and God has accepted you, he will direct your heart, not your mind.

'God's name is pure and it does not settle in an impure place.' - Prophetic Tradition

 - In order to be able to know whether the direction is coming from God or the Devil, your heart must be spiritually sound enough to recognise any directions coming from God. For you to be able to receive guidance from God, your heart has to be pure and it must be a valid recipient for the divine direction. If your heart does not have the ability to receive the messages and signals from God then you cannot become a Devout Believer.

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said, 'There is a polish for everything that tarnishes; the polish of the heart is the invocation of God's name.'

 - Our hearts are not pure; we have to purify them. The tool which cleanses the hearts is God's invocation. However, God's name itself is pure and does not settle in an impure place. Therefore, in the first instance, we have to find a Perfect Spiritual Guide who cleanses the heart with his spiritual concentration. When the heart becomes pure then the Perfect Spiritual Guide inserts the Personal Name of God into the heart. Then it begins to invoke God's name and begins to receive the divine directions.

 - When God's name begins to throb in the chambers of the heart then if any satanic deterrence comes your way, it will be cut off by the invocation of God's name in the heart. And if a divine directive comes your way then the invocation of God happening in the beating system of your heart will push it towards your other spirits. All the divine directives pass through the door of the heart and you spread them to others through your tongue. The entry is through your heart and the exit is through your tongue. God will begin to unveil the secrets to your heart.

 - Our Maslaq (path) is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi.

 - Dreams are not substantial, they are ethereal. The true dreams and scenes come from the Realm of Example. Dreams do not take place within you.  It is something from within you which travels while you sleep: the Lower Self. It roams around in satanic gatherings while you sleep. When it is purified, it will no longer roam around in satanic gatherings - it will either travel to the Kaaba or the Prophet's Mosque or it will go to meet Abdul Qadir Jilani.


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