Thursday 4 April 2019

Kya Allah Sab Ke Dil Mein Jalwagar Hai?


Younus AlGohar answers the question, 'Does God dwell in all hearts?'


    - God does not dwell in the hearts of all human beings. In fact, God is not present in anyone's heart in the beginning - neither in the hearts of Devout Believers nor Saints. When such people bring God's light into their hearts then they become Devout Believers. Therefore, God's name and God's light enter the heart first. The invocation of God's name and God's light in the heart is called faith.

    - Thereafter, the different levels of spirituality come into practice. Enlightenment of all the souls, the emergence of all the sub-spirits; performance of Salat of the sub-spirits; performance of Spiritual Journey and in the end, witnessing the divine splendour with the knowledge of the Subtlety of Ana. When God's image is absorbed into the heart after witnessing the divine splendour, that is when God dwells in the heart.

    - One in whose heart God's name has entered is a Devout Believer and one in whose heart the image of God is absorbed after witnessing the divine splendour is a Saint.

Koran 2:257 states 'God chooses his friends from among the Devout Believers; he pulls them out of the darkness towards his light.'

    - It means God makes Saints from among the Devout Believers. He pulls them out of the darkness towards his light.


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