Monday 29 April 2019

Sajda Kis Ko Jayez Hai?

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Younus AlGohar explains why Sajda-e-Aboodiyat (The Prostration in Divine Servitude) is only for God - and specifically, his attribute known as Ilah (the Creator).

Viewers of this video will benefit from the background information on spirituality and God in explained The Religion of God (Divine Love) by His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi:


    - When the Ancient Being of God intended to create, he expressed different manifestations of himself, the first of which were his attributes. After manifesting his attributes, God created the creation and this action made God a Creator. The attribute of God being the Creator is, in itself, new. God was not always the Creator. God himself has always existed from the beginning, but he was not a Creator when he was in the Hidden Treasure. A change came about - it was only when God created that he became a Creator. The Creator is known as 'Ilah'.

    - Among the attributes of God were the Tifl-e-Noori (Body of God's Light) and the Jussa-e-Tofeeq-e-Ilahi (Sub-spirit of God). Now, those who obtained Divine Union, the Wasileen, ill will either be granted the Tifl-e-Noori or the Jussa-e-Tofeeq-e-Ilahi. Prostration in Divine Servitude is only done to the Creator (Ilah). The Creator did not enter anyone. This is being said not on the basis of emotions and love, but rather the sheer truth. Whether it is Sultan Haq Bahu, Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, Abdul Qadir Jilani, Moula Ali, Bibi Fatima or even Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), the Creator did not enter any one of them.

    - The Motto of Faith is 'La Ilaha Ilallah' (There is no Creator except God). Meaning, the attribute of 'Ilah' only belongs to God, it doesn't belong to anyone else. Due to the presence of the Tifl-e-Noori and Jussa-e-Tofeeq-e-Ilahi in the Wasileen, they can be called 'God' because something from God entered them. However, nothing entered them from the Creator. Therefore, they can be called God but they cannot be called the Creator. The attribute of the Creator did not enter anyone nor will it ever.

    - You may consider the Wasileen as God, you may kiss their hands and feet in respect and express your love for them. However, if you believe that these personalities are your Creator and you intentionally perform the Prostration in Divine Servitude, then this is polytheism. The Prostration in Divine Servitude is specifically for the attribute of the Creator. Neither Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) nor Imam Mehdi received God's attribute of the Creator. Since it did not enter these two personalities then the rest of them are inconsequential.


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