Friday 26 April 2019

Kashf o Muraqiba Ki Haqeeqat

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Younus AlGohar explains the practical meaning of the word 'muraqiba (spiritual journey)'.


 - The meaning of 'muraqiba' in the Arabic language is radar. God has created different realms and there are all these different spirits within us that relate to different realms. The Lower Self relates to the Alam-e-Nasut (Phenomenal World). The Spiritual Heart relates to Alam-e-Malkoot (Realm of Angels). The Main Human Soul relates to the Alam-e-Jabroot (Realm of Souls). A muraqiba is for a person to obtain access to all those esoteric realms while physically being on Earth.

 - If it is a muraqiba to Malkoot (Realm of Angels), then your Spiritual Heart takes flight from your chest and enters the Realm of Angels. When your Spiritual Heart reaches the Realm of Angels, it is like a satellite; everything it will see there will be visible to you on Earth. Therefore, it is a spiritual journey. In the muraqiba of the Main Human Soul, you reach Bait ul Mamour.

 - You do not reach the realms with your thoughts and imagination. Rather, it is your souls that go there. Your souls will only go there once they are capable of doing so. These souls have to be revived and then empowered with divine energy. After that, you simply have to close your eyes and your spirits will reach their respective realms. The spiritual journey of the lowest scale is performed by the Spiritual Heart. For this to happen, it is necessary for the Lower Self to be purified and the Spiritual Heart to be revived.

 - People think muraqiba translates to meditation in English, but this is not correct. Meditation means to concentrate or ponder. So in order to meditate, they play soft music, sit and imagine lush green fields. They conduct guided meditation sessions where someone speaks in a soft, husky voice and tells them to imagine arriving in paradise, feeling a cool breeze, etc. But this is not muraqiba.

A Prophetic Tradition states: a muraqiba of one Sa'at is greater than the collective worship of Saqlain.

 - It means that a muraqiba of one hour is greater than the collective worship of Saqlain. Saqlain comprises all the realms of this universe; the collective worship of all the creatures within this universe cannot amount to a single moment of the spiritual journey you perform. Therefore, a muraqiba is a great form of worship; it is a spiritual journey in which your inner faculties reach their respective realms.


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