Monday 8 April 2019

What is the Authenticity of Islam?


Younus AlGohar answers a viewer who asked, 'What is the guarantee that Islam is the true religion? We see so many flaws in it and many different sects, books and scholars are going against each other.'


Islam had always been a compound of different types of knowledge: the inward knowledge and outward knowledge. This is because we, as a human being, are a compound creature. We possess two different types of life. We are only aware of the life we live on Earth - and this is a very temporal life. However, the seeds of celestial life are within our body in the form of 6 celestial souls. For centuries, the only type of knowledge about Islam which has been projected by the scholars is the outward knowledge which has nothing to do with God. It purifies our bodies but not our thoughts or our hearts. On the other hand, many grand Sufis came from Islam who became the embodiments of God on Earth - true representatives of God. It only became possible for such dignitaries to arrive at such a spiritual union with God after they found the inward knowledge that can connect one with God.

    - A Muslim is one who has submitted to God; today's Muslims have not done that. The version of Islam that we see today is not the true version of Islam. It is extremely distorted. The formula of becoming a Devout Believer is very easy: you have to affirm the truth verbally and the verification of that truth in the form of the divine energy must enter your heart. Every Muslim is taught that once they verbally declare the Motto of Islam, there is no stopping them from entering Paradise but this is not true. When you affirm to this truth, the divine energy of what you have affirmed must enter your heart.

'The Arabs say, "We are Devout Believers." Tell them, "You are not Devout Believers. How do you say that you are Devout Believers? Faith has not yet entered your heart."' - Koran 49:14

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said, 'O' Sons of Adam, there is a lump of flesh in your body. If it is set right, your entire body will become right. And if there is corruption in that lump of flesh, your entire body is corrupted. Remember well: that is your heart.'

 - The most important thing in Islam is to correct and purify your heart. The heart is purified when the heart is introduced with Zikar Allah. When the Personal Name of God is synchronised within the beating system of your heart, your heart turns into a factory that generates divine light eternally.

    - The problem is with Muslims: they do not know the knowledge that pertains to God and through which they can purify their hearts. This knowledge does not come in words, it comes in the form of authority. The knowledge and authority is granted to those who are divinely delegated. This spiritual knowledge is transmitted between hearts, it is not written in books. It cannot be granted to the undeserving people.

    -  You do not have the guarantee because you did not seek permission to become God's friend by God. The guarantee is given before you are introduced to God by your Spiritual Master. When you attend to a Spiritual Guide with an intention to enter into a spiritual business, you sell yourself and you buy God. Then your Spiritual Guide will transmit your image to God and ask him, 'Do you want him?' If God says no, you are rejected. And if he says, 'Yes, I can befriend him provided you take responsibility for his spiritual upbringing,' and the Spiritual Guide agrees, the permission is granted. That is when the seed of God's Personal Name is placed within your heart and your heart begins to pound with God's name - this is the guarantee.

'Engage in the invocation of God's name while you stand, sit and toss in turn [in your beds].' - Koran 3:191

    - Involuntary invocation of God which is granted as a guarantee, as permission from God. Then your heart will then make sure that every single type of worship you carry out reaches God. This is the beginning of true Islam.


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