Sunday, 14 April 2019

Arkan e Islam Par Amal Kesay Kiya Jaye?


Younus AlGohar explains how to practically follow the five pillars of Islam.


‘Establish Salat.’ - Koran 20:14

'You make mention of me and I will make mention of you.' - Koran 2:152

- Salat is a gift upon the Devout Believers from God and we are supposed to return this gift back to God. Those who reject Salat are disbelievers. Salat was exclusively for the Nation of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

God also said, 'I made fasting an obligation for the nations the came before you. Fasting is made an obligation for you so that you become the Bearers of Purity.' - Koran 2:183

- Esoteric purification is called taqwa. There are two aspects of the esoteric purification. One of which is to negate the negative attributes of the Lower Self and bring about positive attributes in it. Those positive attributes will only come about when the Lower Self is given the diet of divine energy and progresses from the Commanding Self to the Blameworthy Self, Inspired Self and then finally the Contented Self when it comes under the divine theophanies.

- There is also enlightenment of the Spiritual Heart which also has different stages. Initially, the Spiritual Heart is senseless. When the Personal Name of God is implanted in the chambers of the heart with the spiritual concentration of the Perfect Spiritual Guide and when the heart obtains eternal life due to the divine energy of God's name, then it becomes Qalb-e-Saleem (Secured Heart). Now, it is out of the grasp of the Devil. The Spiritual Heart continues to be purified with the invocation of God's Personal Name. When the heart begins to face God, then it is called Qalb-e-Muneeb. This is the stage where a person is known as the Bearer of Purity.

- Zakat can be of wealth and it is an obligation for all Muslims. Every Muslim has to give 2.5% out of 100% of their earnings in Zakat. There are different types of Zakat such as a Zakat of Faith, Sainthood and Body.

Wherever God has mentioned his friends, he has always mentioned two things: the first is that they established Salat (Koran 20:14) and the second is that they spend the provisions given to them by God on God's creation (2:2-3).

God said in the Koran, 'I decrease the provisions for those who neglect my Zikar.'

- If what is written in the Koran was in reference to the exoteric provisions being decreased then the disbelievers would not have a single penny to their name. Therefore, when it is said in the Koran that God Almighty will decrease your provisions if you neglect the Zikar of God, it indicates the esoteric provisions.

‘That book of Alif Laam Meem is free from doubts and suspicions, however, it only guides the Pure Ones.’ - Koran 2:1-3

- You will have to become a Bearer of Purity in order to obtain benevolence from Alif Laam Meem. God has further clarified the identification of the Pure Ones: they are those who have faith in the unseen and have established Salat. And then it is said that they also share the provisions provided to them by God.

- We do not need a 'concept' about Salat, Fasting, Zakat and Hajj because the word of God is enough. Straying from the concept that God has given himself would be disbelief.

‘They are engaged in the remembrance of God while they sit, stand and sleep.' - Koran 3:191

'There are some special Devout Believers upon whose hearts I have stamped faith.' - Koran 58:22

'Knowledge and wisdom can be found in the books, however, the religion is conferred to the hearts.'

- A verbal declaration of the truth and affirmation of that truth by the heart is the first condition of Islam. There is no use of reciting the Motto of Faith verbally. Until the Motto of Faith is recited by the heart, it is useless. Whosever heart recited the Motto of Faith were the ones who became Sufis and Devout Believers.

HDE Gohar Shahi also said, 'Lineage is of no importance there [in the court of God].'

'God guided whomsoever he wishes through divine energy.' - Koran 24:35


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