Monday 1 April 2019

Nafs Ke Hamlo Se Kesay Bacha Jaye?

Practical things you can do to bring your Lower Self under control and weaken it according to the teachings of Sufism - explained by Younus AlGohar.


- In order to protect yourself from your Lower Self, you have to weaken it. In the first instance, you weaken it by giving it divine energy. In order to purify the Lower Self, what is important initially is the help and spiritual concentration of the Spiritual Guide. And then after that comes your own efforts which aid in the process of purifying the Lower Self.

- Things you can include visualising God's Personal Name upon your Lower Self and going against the desires of your Lower Self.  When the Lower Self wants you to sit, you stand; when it wants you to sleep, you stay awake. You can also trick the Lower Self by seemingly fulfiling its desires but finding a way to earn divine energy while doing it - for example, going to a place the Lower Self likes in order to propagate the mission of Imam Mehdi.

- The entire Exoteric Koran was revealed purely for the sake of taming the Lower Self. In some parts of the Koran, God entices the Lower Self with the greed of paradise; in other parts, he scares it with the threat of hellfire.

- In order to come under the spiritual concentration of the Spiritual Guide right now, engage in propagation of the office of Imam Mehdi. You will then come under the spiritual concentration of HDE Gohar Shahi and your Lower Self will begin to be purified.


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