Thursday 18 April 2019

Who Deserves God’s Blessings?


Younus AlGohar explains who is worthy of being blessed by God in response to a viewer-submitted question.


- Every good human being is a hybrid; they are those who have the ability to sin and also they have an ability to do good. So when you do something bad and, on occasions, you also do good, then be happy for you are a true human being.

- People can do good but the Koran and the Bible do not allow them to take credit for their goodness. The religion tells us that if you happen to do something good by chance, then you do that good because God wants you to do it.

- We need God's blessings to understand that every single human being on Earth is from among the children of God. We would be really grateful to the Lord if we are blessed in the sense that we begin to respect every single citizen of the world and love them. And we live our lives in perfect spiritual and social harmony. There is a glimpse of that divine light in your neighbour - go love him first!

- In this day and age, you will find a Christian, Muslim, Jew or Hindu easily - but it is very difficult to see a human being. What we need to become, first of all, is a sound by heart and sound by mind human being who respects others, give them their space and does not judge.  The trouble is, most of the people who are judgmental are only judgmental of others, not themselves.

- We are trying to resuscitate the spiritual human instincts again. And whenever so in the future it happens, the time is not far when you will be proud of being a human being - not of being a Christian or a Muslim. When God created you, he did not create you a Muslim or a Christian - he created you as a human being. Self-realisation is God-realisation; before we attempt to recognise God, let's knock on our own door and recognise our own selves.

Jesus said, 'How can you find God in a building which was built by the hands of human beings? Worship God in the place which was created by God himself. And that is your heart. Turn your heart into a temple of God.'

- The only way you can establish the Divine Kingdom on Earth is when you open the doors of your heart upon God. And invite God to come and make your heart his permanent, eternal abode. This will happen with the help of spirituality. You need to kindle that candle of love - and you can do this with the help of a spiritual person who has been delegated by God with the authority to initiate you into spirituality.

- Today, the things religious people have done has only served to make people hate God. They are making people hate humanity. The more religious you become today, the more you hate God. They are teaching you to be disobedient to God and distant from human instincts.


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