Sunday 7 April 2019

Koi Cheez Halal Ya Haram Kiyon Hoti Hai?


Younus AlGohar reveals the real reason why pork is haram (prohibited). He explains why certain plants and animals are not suitable for human consumption and why some are.


    - The pig is an animal which does not have a natural inclination towards that which is permissible. This is one of the reasons it is haram (prohibited). However, the main reason it is prohibited for consumption dates back to the Primordial Times.

    - In the Primordial Times, the souls were assembled before God. In the first row facing God were the souls of the Prophets followed by the souls of the Saints. The third row was that of the Devout Believers. The fourth row was of the common human beings. Beyond the limits of God's sight were the souls of women. On the right side of God were the angels and the good Terrestrial Spirits (Binding, Botanical and Bio-spirits). On the left side of God were the evil creatures and the satanic Terrestrial Spirits (Binding, Botanical and Bio-spirits). God was facing the front; the creatures would look towards God from the right side but they were unable to see God's face. The creatures on the left side, too, were unable to see God.
    - On the right side of God were the souls of angels and good creatures. The Terrestrial Spirits on right were of birds and animals who were created to be human-friendly. The animals on the right, therefore, were declared to be lawful for consumption (halal). All the creatures on the left-hand side were created to be enemies of human beings. If a Binding Spirit, Botanical Spirit or Bio-spirit is from the left side, it is an enemy of human beings. All animals from the left-hand side of God are prohibited (haram). This is the real story.

    - Pigeons are from the right-hand side of God. Crows, cacti and pigs are examples of things from the left-hand side of God.

    - Constant consumption of food which comes from the left side of God lessens humanity in you and increases the evil traits. Therefore, human beings must only consume things which are human-friendly.


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