Monday 8 April 2019

Dajjal Murdo Ko Kesay Zinda Karay Ga?


How will the Antichrist perform satanic spectacles? Younus AlGohar explains at the request of a viewer.


 - After studying the Prophetic Traditions, the religious clerics came to know that the Antichrist would be from among the Muslim clerics. They decided to deceive people and instead said that the Antichrist would be a Jew. But in doing this, they dug a hole for themselves because people became confused. If the Antichrist will be Jewish then why would 70,000 Islamic religious scholars pledge allegiance to him? Whereas, the Antichrist and Imam Mehdi will both emerge from among the Muslims. The Antichrist will manage to take the pledge of allegiance of 70,000 religious clerics which means that he will be a greater scholar than them and not be under their control.

According to a Prophetic Tradition, the Antichrist will be blind in one eye.

- If the meaning behind this was that he would be physically blind in one eye, then people will be able to recognise him very easily. Why then would 70,000 religious scholars pledge allegiance to him? 'Eyes' here refers to two types of knowledge: exoteric knowledge and esoteric knowledge - these are the two 'eyes' of a Devout Believer. 'The Antichrist will be one-eyed' - it means that he will only possess the exoteric knowledge, not the esoteric knowledge.

- One way to bring somebody back to life is when preparations are underway for the soul to leave the body. If that person is a disciple of a Spiritual Guide, the Spiritual Guide can intervene and since the soul has not been completely removed, the body comes back to life. Only Spiritual Guides who are of an extremely high calibre with a very strong relationship to God can do it. The other way of raising corpses is a satanic act. An Amil who has satanic Jinns under his control can send a Jinn into a corpse; the Jinn would reanimate the corpse and speak through it, deceiving people into thinking the body has been brought back to life.

- All the satanic Jinns will be obedient to the Antichrist and all the Muslim Jinns will be obedient to Imam Mehdi. The Antichrist's spectacles will only be smoke and mirrors; the Jinns will enter the corpses and they will stand and speak to people. The Antichrist will be bestowed with all the knowledge and all the powers and strength of the Devil. The Devil has complete knowledge of Sharia - this is how he was able to confuse and trouble many great Saints of God. So if the Antichrist will have the Devil's power vested in him then the religious clerics will never stand a chance. They will quietly abide by the Antichrist because he has the upper hand.

- The Antichrist will also perform some spectacles such as making it rain just by saying it. However, that will all be a deception. The Devil also has the Knowledge of Hypnotism. It is similar to how people fall prey to different mental illnesses and begin to hear voices and see things that aren't really there. With the Devil's Knowledge of Satanic Hypnotism, you can make people see things that aren't really happening. Those who have Kashf (Spiritual Insight) firmly believe what they see to be true. Unfortunately, the people who are close to those with Kashf also develop the same firm belief. This is how those with Kashf and those who believe in them all become misguided.


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