Saturday 13 April 2019

Musalmano Ki Halat Zaar


Younus AlGohar's stirring speech about the plight upon Muslims otherwise known as sectarianism. This video is a wake-up call for the entire Muslim World.

Summary and References:

In Koran 8:22, God mentions that the worst of the all living creatures are the human beings who are deaf and mute, who do not have the ability to understand. Similar things are said in various Prophetic Traditions and other verses of the Koran.

Koran 48:9 stresses the importance of having faith in both Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and God. It states that the Devout Believers must believe in the Prophet and honour and respect him.

Koran 64:11 states that whoever has faith in God, it is their heart that God grants guidance to.

Koran 39:22 says that one who has obtained the Opening of the Chest (Shahr-e-Sadr) for Islam will receive divine energy form the Lord.

Koran 18:17 explains that one whom God wishes to misguide will not be able to find a Spiritual Guide.

In Koran 33:33, God tells Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) of his intentions to completely purify the Household of Prophet Mohammad of all impurities.

Koran 42:23 says, 'O Prophet Mohammad, tell the Muslims, "In return for the message of truth that I have given you, I ask for nothing except that you love and respect those close to me and my Household."'

Koran 112:1 says, 'Say that God is one.'

Koran 33:21 states that we have to live our lives along the lifestyle that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) modelled for us.

    - Despite all these truths, the Muslims are in a terrible state. Sectarianism has risen due to the impurity of the hearts. Whatever thought travels from the mind to the tongue must go through the heart; if the heart is enlightened, the words will bless people; if the heart is corrupt, the words will spread mischief and cause sectarianism

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said, 'O' Sons of Adam, there is a lump of flesh in your body. If it is reformed the entire body is reformed. If it is corrupt the entire body is corrupt. Remember well: it is your heart.'

Koran 26:88 says, 'On the Day of Judgement, neither your sons nor your wealth will benefit you. He will be successful who brings with him a Qalb-e-Saleem (Secured Heart).'

    - The most important obligation in Islam is the purification of the heart. Today, no sect in Islam is promoting the purification of the heart despite it being the core of the Koran.

Koran 29:45 says, 'Salat stops one from committing bad deeds and immoral acts.'

    - However, for centuries Muslims have been given the wrong impression of Islam. They are offering Salat but it is not stopping them from bad deeds. Today, the number of worshippers in the mosque may be increasing but crime is also on the rise. People keep beards and wear religious getup and steal others' faith using different slogans.

    - Sectarianism is the result of Muslims following Islam incompletely. There are two parts to Islam: affirmation of God's oneness by the tongue and verification of that truth - in the form of divine energy - within the heart.

    - When divine energy left the hearts of Muslims, they were expelled from the Nation of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). That was when Muslims were divided into sects like Shiism, Wahhabism, Sunnism, Barelvism, etc.

Koran 18:28 states, 'Do not follow those whose hearts I have kept heedless of my remembrance.'

In Koran 94:1, God addresses Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and mentioned that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had been granted the Opening of the Chest (Shahr-e-Sadr).

    - Muslims today are following religious clerics who do not even mention the importance of reviving the heart in God's remembrance, let alone having it themselves. Whereas the most important Custom of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is the Opening of the Chest (Shahr-e-Sadr) - the enlightenment of the subtleties in the chest.

In Koran 8:22 when God mentions the worst of all creatures, the explanation for this is that God has terminated the lives of such people's subtleties of the chest which relate to the five senses. Therefore, neither divine energy nor God's name can enter their hearts due to which their hearts do not have the ability to understand. Then they come under the control of the Devil.

Koran 2:112 says, 'If my beauty is absorbed in one's inner being, that person shall be known as Mohsin.'

According to Koran 95:5, if God rejects somebody, they come within the grasp of the Devil. This happens when their inner faculties die and the Devil trains them and fills them with negative energy.

Prophetic Tradition, 'Beware the ignorant scholar - one whose tongue is a scholar but whose hearts is ignorant, meaning dark.'

    - A religious cleric is ignorant if he has not obtained the Opening of the Chest. He reads books and gives people the impression that he is a great personality when in reality he isn't even a Devout Believer.


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