Thursday, 11 July 2019

Allah Ka Khof Kya Hai?

What does it mean to be God-fearing? And does God prefer those who fear him or those who love him? Younus AlGohar explains in this brief video.


‘I like Mohsineen (those who love me).’ - Koran 2:195

‘I am close to the Mutawalikeen.’ - Koran 3:159

- Tawakul (the root word of Mutawakileen) means ‘to be connected to God in a way that you have nothing to do with anyone else’ in Suryani. One of the effects of this is that God works through the Mutawakileen.

‘The more one has Taqwa the more respectable he is in [God’s eyes].’ - Koran 49:13

- Taqwa means to cleanse yourself of all the impurities in your body and heart with divine energy. Your Lower Self and heart are purified and your soul’s connection to God is established.

- The Devout Believers are God-fearing in the sense that they worry that God may become cross with them; it is not fear of the torment of the grave. This fear is a sign of faith.

- You are not God-fearing until you have divine energy in your heart.

‘Faith is between hope and fear.’ - Prophetic Tradition

- This Prophetic Tradition refers to the state of a Devout Believer. The changing state of a Devout Believer is like a spiritual see-saw. When a Devout Believer’s heart engages in invocation a lot, they become carefree and hopeful of God’s love. When there is a lack of invocation in the heart at any point and they sin, they become fearful that God would become upset with them.

‘Beware! The friends of God are free of sorrow and fear.’ - Koran 10:62

- The saints are those who are showered with the theophanies of God. God has guaranteed such people that he will always be pleased with them as per Koran 89:27-30. They do not have fear because their state doesn’t change like the Devout Believers.


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