Friday, 11 October 2019

Khilafat Ki Haqeeqat

How was Adam the Caliph of God? How does one become a Caliph of their Spiritual Mediator?


- Adam was given a divine sub-spirit which is called ‘Khalifa (Caliph)’ in Suryani. Hence he was known as the Caliph of God and Caliph of Love.

- To be known as anyone’s Caliph, you must have one of their sub-spirits in you.

- David was the Caliph of Melody. God granted him a portion of his voice. His voice was so melodious that when he recited the Psalms of David, the birds and trees would bow in awe.

- Imam Mehdi is the Last Caliph of God. According to a Prophetic Tradition, the Mehdi would have clouds over his head and the Gabriel would be announcing, ‘This is Mehdi, the Caliph of God. Follow him and obey him’. Those with enlightened hearts would be able to hear the announcement.


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