Thursday, 22 September 2016

#AskYounusAlGohar | Insan Apni Azli Taqdeer Ko Kesay Jaan Sakta Hai?

Younus AlGohar’s answer to a question asked by viewer Yasir Khan about choosing one’s fate.

Main points:

- We can’t choose our destination here; man is not in control of his fate. You can’t have more faith than what God has written for you, no matter how many saints try to help you. Your fate was decided in the Primordial Times.

- In the Primordial Times, the souls were assembled before God. God asked them, ‘Am I not your Lord?’ and all the souls affirmed it. After this, God showed them the modelled luxuries of the world. He said, ‘Whoever desires it may go and obtain it.’ A huge number of souls went for the luxuries of the world. This was their own choice. Then God said to the angels, ‘Write the world in their Book of Fate.’

- God also showed the souls the modelled luxuries of paradise and said, ‘Whoever desires it may go and obtain it.’ Then, paradise was written in their Book of Fate. There are seven levels of paradise with different types of luxuries; for each level of paradise the souls were told what they had to do to obtain it. According to what they believed themselves capable of paying the price for, the souls chose their level of paradise. Those who were to go in the highest level of paradise, Firdaus, would enjoy the luxury of seeing God; therefore the relevant spiritual knowledge was also written in their fate.

- The level of paradise one chose would be written in their fate too; even amongst the paradise-bound souls, the levels of faith differed. When it was decided which of the seven paradises the souls were to enter respectively, God then decided which type of knowledge he would grant each prophet. According to the knowledge each prophet was given, the paradise-bound souls were allotted to them as their nations. For example, the people of the lowest level of paradise, Khuld, would go into the nation of Adam Safi Allah, because he had knowledge of one subtlety of the breast only, the heart.

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