Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Kiya Allah Sab Ki Shah Rag Ke Qareeb Hai

Younus AlGohar answers a question submitted by a viewer, who asked for an explanation of the verse of the Quran in which God said that he is closer to some people than their jugular vein.

Main points:

- A lot of religious people base their understanding on hearsay. So a lot of things are inauthentic, not based on Quran or Prophetic Traditions. They heard things on the grapevine. They do not know the right interpretation of the Quran. The real Quran was transmitted spiritually to the breasts of the deserving ones by Prophet Mohammad. With it, every meaning of the words of the Quran along with the Noor (divine energy) of the words was transmitted to the recipients. The Quran on paper doesn’t have this. Billions of Muslims who all read the same Quran were divided into different schools of thought.

- ALM is the knowledge of the Quran, and it will guide the pure ones. Muslims don’t know that they are impure because of the presence of the Nafs (Self). This is why Mujaddid Alif Thani said the beginners in spirituality should not read the Quran, but rather do Dhikr of God’s name.

- The verse that says, ‘God is closer to you than your jugular vein,’ does not apply to everyone. If it did, why is there so much mischief in this world? Muslims are being killed everywhere. This verse is for those who have brought God in their heart.

- There are veins and arteries in the human body. The vein takes the impure blood of the body into the heart. The blood is cleaned in the heart. The arteries take the pure blood throughout the body. The meaning of God saying that he is closer to some people than their jugular veins is that God lives in some people’s hearts, where their blood is purified.

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