Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Taqdeer Kiya Hai?

Younus AlGohar goes into lengthy detail about the nature of fate, how the movement of the stars affect people and the importance of obtaining spiritual knowledge. He also answers questions from viewers regarding Shab-e-Raat and marriage.

Main points:

- There is a sense of confusion about fate. No scholar or saint spoke on the topic clearly enough that people were satisfied with the answer. Since they lack knowledge about fate, they go to palmists and astrologers in order to understand more about their fate. Some religious people say palm reading and astrology are haram (prohibited) in Islam; this is incorrect. Such people forget that God gave Imam Jafar Sadiq knowledge of astrology.

- God’s mercy and wrath roam about the world. Whether you visit worship places regularly or not won’t matter - if you have come under God’s wrath, you will suffer the negative effects. Those whose hearts are engaged in God’s remembrance at all times are safe from God’s wrath; similarly houses where God’s name is invoked upon are also safe. God’s mercy that roams the world only benefits those whose hearts have divine energy in them.

- The movement of the stars have a profound impact on a human being’s life. The position of stars and other celestial objects during the moment of your birth affect your temperament and cause ups and downs in your life. Astrologists determine what negative effects from the stars are impacting your life; then they give you specific stones to keep with you, which will nullify the effects. However if you have spiritual knowledge and you have brought divine energy inside you, you’ll be safe from the negative effects of the stars. There are many benefits you repeat from having your heart enlightened with divine energy.

- Your fate was written according to the choice you made in the Primordial Times - whether you chose the luxuries of the world, the luxuries of paradise or God. If you chose the world, your fate is written on your forehead. If you are a predestined loving soul, your fate is written on your shoulders. Determining whether you are ill-fated in this regard is of primary importance. To help people recognise their reality, Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi gave them the divine method of Dhikr-e-Qalb (Invocation of the Heart).

- Written in your fate also is the amount of sustenance God has allotted you. Diabetes is an illness that results from someone going over the amount of carbohydrates allowed for them in their lifetime. Sustenance is written according to your age; if you eat more than is allowed for you in any given day, it is cut out from your overall allowance. This means there may be days when you don’t eat or you eat less than usual. If you eat too much, it is also possible that you die earlier than what was written in your fate due to the fact that you reached the limit of the sustenance given for you.

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