Tuesday, 20 September 2016

#AskYounusAlGohar | Lolak Ma Khalqatal Aflaq Ka Raaz

Younus AlGohar answers a question from a viewer, who asked what the meaning of Maqam-e-Lolak is.

Main points:

- According to a Prophetic Tradition, God said, ‘I made this world for you, Prophet Mohammad.’ In another Prophetic Tradition, God said, ‘I was in a hidden treasure. I loved to be known so I created creation.’ These two Prophetic Traditions appear to contradict each other, and therefore people think one of the two is inauthentic. However, it is possible for these two statements to both be authentic.

- When a man brings home his new bride, he might say to her that he had the house or her room especially built for her. She’ll get happy but after 10 years, she’ll find out that he had simply gotten a better paying job and his family had expanded. Similarly, if someone is seeing God for the first time, they are given special treatment. He entertains their requests and tells them some new secret that others might not have heard. This treatment continues until someone else comes along, who is seeing God for the first time. For the saints, the situation normalises; they see God often, and after a time it does not affect them as it did in the beginning.

- When we go to the shrines of saints, we pray to God using their intermediary; we think that God would listen to our prayers more because these saints are God’s friends. In a similar way, there are some saints that God has given the status of beloved, like the Eternal Divine Bride. For others, they would see God, God entertains their desires for some time until someone new comes. However, God will always accept the requests of the Eternal Divine Bride.

- Prophet Mohammad is the closest friend of God. God does not love any saint as much as he loved Prophet Mohamad. So when God said that he created the world for Prophet Mohammad, whatever he says it true, but he was saying this in a moment of love. Moqam-e-Lolak in short is to be at the station of Fana fil Rasool.

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