Sunday, 11 September 2016

Qurani Ayat Ki Mansookhi Aur Tajdeed-e-Mehdi

Younus AlGohar explains the reformations to spirituality made by Imam Mehdi and why they are necessary. He elaborates on the system of reforms that God had in place in Islam.

Main points:

- Today, if anyone is in search for God among Muslims, they have difficulty finding the truth. Ignorant scholars have created fantastical stories about saints in order to discourage people from following the spiritual path. These famous stories have made reaching God seem like an unattainable task for common people.

- When Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi came, He was the first to study spirituality not for Himself, but for people. He then presented His findings to God and told God which aspects of his spiritual system had to be updated in order to be compatible with today’s man. There are so many luxuries available to people today that the idea of quitting it all to adopt spiritual austerity in a jungle is no longer acceptable in the minds of seekers.

- With the passage of time, the ratio of negative energy (Naar) in the atmosphere has increased gradually. This is why every messenger would introduce stricter rituals than his predecessor. Today, there is so much negative energy in the atmosphere that the system of fasting and Salat introduced in Islam no longer serves the purpose of ensuring inner purification. In this era, no matter what you do, there is negative energy entering you. It is much like passive smoking - when someone is smoking around you, you inhale more of toxic air than they do. Similarly, because there are so many people in the world and every type of sin is being committed are you, you will also suffer the ill effects.

- Now humanity needs to have a furnace of divine love burning inside them in order to keep them purified of all negative energy. Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi has introduced the method and knowledge to achieve this. He has given humanity the key to inner purification: Invocation of the Heart (Dhikr-e-Qalb). Once your heart is awakened with Invocation of the Heart, you can recognise the Friends of God.

- God abrogates verses of the Quran when it needs updates. The original Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammad’s heart; that Quran is free from doubts and it is updated. This is the Quran we have to be connected to. God introduced the system of reformation in Islam in which a reformer (Mujaddid) would bring updates to the religion and fix what had been modified. They were those who were connected to Prophet Mohammad’s chest, who had access to the original Quran.

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