Friday, 9 September 2016

Imam Mehdi GOHAR SHAHI Ki Ghaibat

Younus AlGohar explains the reality of occultation, revealing the truth of about martyrdom and the apparent crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the process.

Main points:

- God said not to consider martyrs dead. God did not explain how they’re alive. To understand what God meant, it is important to understand the meaning of the word ‘Qatil’ used in the Quran. ‘Qatil’ is an Arabic word which means ‘broken into pieces’. It is commonly taken to mean death; if one has gone through the process of ‘Qatil’ it usually means a part of their body has been separated from them. However, a human being is a compound of souls and their reality is not their body.

- A human being has both terrestrial and celestial spirits in them. The terrestrial spirits are the mineral soul, botanical soul and bio soul; they are responsible for the body’s formation, growth and appearance respectively. These spirits come when the body is being formed in the womb; first, the mineral soul coagulates the blood into a foetus. Then the botanical spirit is added to make it grow. Finally, the bio spirit is added, due to which the baby moves and it has features.

- When the baby is born, angels add the celestial spirits in the body. The main human soul is added at this time - this is the soul that will go to paradise or hell, or love God. When the main soul is added, the baby cries. During this time, the satanic jinn, the Nafs (Self) is also added, due to which the baby feels hunger. It is the Nafs that makes the body compatible with the negative energy that is prevalent in the atmosphere of the world.

- When a man dies, his celestial spirits are collected by the angels and taken up. The terrestrial spirits also depart the body. In the absence of the three terrestrial spirits, the body begins to decompose and smell. However, for martyrs, God has restricted their terrestrial spirits to their bodies; therefore their bodies are preserved.

- When Jesus was on the cross, it was not actually him who died; it was a sub spirit of his Nafs. It was already in the divine plan that the Nafs would not remain with Jesus Christ; therefore Jesus already made himself accustomed to living in the world with the luxuries the Nafs enjoys. However, in the case of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, this is not what happened. Imam Mehdi has His Nafs; nothing has been taken from Him. What people thought was Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi and which appeared to die in front of them was actually their own perception of Imam Mehdi which was formed into a being. The truth is that Imam Mehdi has adopted occultation and will reappear.

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