Thursday, 1 September 2016

Istata'at-e-Hajj: Kiya Hajj Sirf Ameeron Ke Liye Hai?

Younus AlGohar answers a question submitted by a viewer about Hajj and who it is obligatory upon.

Main points:

– Hajj is obligatory upon all those who are able to perform it; this is not in reference to one’s financial status. This is referred to whether or not one’s souls have been strengthened, enlightened and made spiritually worthy of performing Hajj. As long as they have fulfilled this criterion, they are encouraged by God to perform Hajj.

– The Saudis banned all non-Muslims from entering the holy city of Mecca, therefore depriving them of being able to perform Hajj. This is totally against what the Quran teaches. Pilgrimage of Hajj has originally been prescribed for all human beings, as long as they practise a monotheist religion in which they believe in one God, for example Christianity, Judaism, Sikhism, Islam, etc. God has ordered them to perform Hajj on the condition that their souls have been enlightened with divine light and are able to perform spiritual journeys to their respective realms to which they belong.

– Saudis banned all non-Muslims from Hajj and claimed that God commanded it. God did not command so; he said that Mushrikeen should not be allowed in the worship place. Mushrikeen were those who did not believe in God; therefore they did not need to visit Kaaba in Mecca, which is considered the House of God. This does not refer to non-Muslims.

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