Saturday, 3 September 2016

Shirk Ki Tashreeh | Kiya Ghair Muslim Mushrik Hain?

Younus AlGohar discusses the concept of Shirk projected by Wahhabis and explains what Shirk really means in the eyes of God.

Main points:

- Wahhabis have distorted the concept of Shirk. Their propaganda has deprived people of the way through which they would have been connected to God. They say it is Shirk to ask for help from anyone besides God, including asking help from Prophet Mohammad and the saints. It seems much of their interpretations of the holy text in Islam is deliberately biased, based on a sort of childish grudge against the Prophet Mohammad.

- It is important to know the meaning of the phrase ‘Ghair Allah (Without God)’. This is where Wahhabis have gone wrong. To say, ‘Everything besides God is without God,’ is inaccurate because according to Islam, nothing existed besides God. When someone is connected to God, they become a friend of God. When this happens, the Quran says that God takes them out from Zulmat and gives them Noor.

- Zulmat refers to the path without God. Islamic scholars say that Zulmat means darkness and Noor means light. However, the Quran has Noor; if Noor meant physical light, why doesn’t the Quran emit light whenever it is opened? Noor is a divine substance; it is positive energy. Zulmat refers to Naar (negative energy). There was a time when man’s body was unclean and his souls were ignorant. When he was granted eminence, the Noor went in the body and took out the uncleanliness. When Noor went to the souls it awakened them and connected them with God. You obtain Noor through a spiritual guide.

- God has created this world as the Realm of Reason. There is a system and God uses mediums. For example, it is indeed God who gives us children, but in order to do have children, healthy sperm has to fertilise the egg and the woman carrying the baby must also be healthy. Similarly, a Prophetic Tradition states that it is God who grants, but Prophet Mohammad is the one who distributes what God grants. Therefore it is not Shirk to ask help from Prophet Mohammad.

- True Shirk, which God would never forgive, is not what Wahhabis project. God cannot forgive those who take their own Nafs as their Lord, even though they continue to practise the rituals of the religion. The Mushrikeen mentioned by God to be Najis (unclean) were those could never be free from slavery to their Nafs. People who commit Shirk that God does not forgive are those who perform Namaz without knowing its reality; they recite it but they are doomed because they do so without presence of the heart and they are simply showing off.

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