Monday, 5 September 2016

Ilm-e-Deedar-e-Ilahi AUR Hazrat Ali Ka Maqam

Younus AlGohar explains the rank of Ali ibn Talib and the different types of knowledge available on the path leading to God.

Main points:

- Exterior knowledge was given to every messenger from Prophet Adam to Prophet Mohammad. This knowledge teaches man to live in society. It teaches the rights of fellow human beings. The knowledge that connects you to God is the knowledge of the heart. It begins with connecting to God and culminates in friendship with God, seeing God. The second knowledge is about awakening the 5 spirits of the breast and preparing the Ana to see God. The first type of knowledge has to do with the body; the second has to do with the spiritual subtleties.

- Man cannot see God with his own eyes. The Ana is from the realm where God’s throne is; when it is enlightened and strengthened with the help of the spiritual guide, it reaches Moqam-e-Mehmood in your sleep. In a combined spiritual journey of the soul and the Ana, man is able to see God. The Ana absorbs God’s beauty and transfers it to the eyes, which in turn transfer it to your heart. This is the stage where God says, ‘Go down. Now whoever sees you will see me.’

- Only Prophet Mohammad was given knowledge of two subtleties: the Ikhfah and the Ana. The knowledge of Ikhfah is part of the religion whereas the knowledge of Ana belongs to Prophet Mohammad. Prophet Mohammad said he was the city of knowledge in reference to the fact that he, being the last prophet and messenger, had the knowledge of all five subtleties of the breast. He made Ali the gate to this knowledge; however there is a knowledge that goes beyond it, which Prophet Mohammad shared with his daughter, Fatima.

- The third type of knowledge is that in which a human being does not remain to be a human. In this stage, God puts something from his being in you. Then, that divine sub-spirit sees God with God’s own eyes; in other words this is how God himself is the lover and the beloved. When God moved seven times in ecstasy upon seeing the divine reflection, 7 Tifle Nooris emerged him. It is up to him whom he confers these Tifle Nooris upon. When it is conferred unto someone, they pledge allegiance to Prophet Mohammad. Prophet Mohammad inserts the seed of that Tifle Noori their heart; from there, a being comes out. That being stays with Prophet Mohammad for 12 years, after which it is crowned and put into the body of chosen person. People with Tifle Noori are able to see God whilst they are awake, unlike those who use their Ana to see God.

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