Sunday, 25 September 2016

#AskYounusAlGohar | Surah Nasr Ki Haqeeqi Tashreeh

Younus AlGohar, at the request of a viewer, explains the right interpretation of Surah Nasr of the Quran.

Main points:

- The interpreters of this chapter did not translate it correctly. They link it to the Conquest of Mecca and say that God said, ‘When God’s help came and you have seen how people entered the religion of God (meaning Islam).’ The correct translation is, ‘And you shall see flocks upon flocks of humanity entering the religion of God.’

- If this chapter referred to the Conquest of Mecca, then flocks of humanity would have accepted the religion. However, no large groups did. Furthermore this verse mentioned humanity; however at the Conquest of Mecca there were only the beduins of Arab.

- There was no form of congratulations given in the Quran following the conquest of Mecca. Had it been the moment when flocks upon flocks of people entered Islam, it would have been mentioned so. However, after the Conquest of Mecca, God did give glad tidings for those who had become devoted to Prophet Mohammad. He said, ‘I forgive their future and past sins.’

- When God said, for those devoted to Prophet Mohammad, ‘I forgive their future and past sins,’ the enemies of Prophet Mohammad tried to insinuate that God was saying that he would forgive Prophet Mohammad’s future and past sins. They ignore the fact that all Prophets are innocent. There has always been conspirators against Islam since its birth. They tried very hard to undermine Prophet Mohammad.

- Since the birth of Islam, there was always a group of Khwarijeen (Pseudo-Muslims) who wanted to exclude Prophet Mohammad from Islam. Rather they declared, ’This is God’s land and we want God’s law. We don’t accept Prophet Mohammad.’ They took the Quran and built their own mosque. They disrespected Prophet Mohammad and caused mischief at every turn of the Islam’s history.

- The Conquest of Mecca was a political victory for Islam, when an Islamic State was established. During the battle for Mecca, Prophet Mohammad had a huge army at his disposal; he did not need God’s help; in comparison, when he had just 313 soldiers during the Battle of Badr, he needed God’s help.

- After the Conquest of Mecca, Prophet Mohammad thought that this was the culmination and there would never be another victory as glorious as this. In response, God sent down Surah Nasr, ‘When God’s helper comes, the secrets will be revealed. Then you shall see flocks upon flocks of humanity entering the Religion of God. Then continue to remember your Lord. He is one who forgives.’ The Conquest of Mecca couldn’t be the greatest victory, for when Imam Mehdi would come, huge groups of humanity would enter the Religion of God.

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