Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Gross Injustice Done by God!

According to 'The Religion of God' (Deen-e-Ilahi), authored by His Divine and Sublime Eminence Lord Ra Gohar Shahi, God created 14,000 different species of Adam; all the species were created with the soil, mud clay of this earth. None of them was given access to the spiritual realms or none of them was given an opportunity to be able to love God or to be able to embark upon the spiritual journey, criss-crossing all the spiritual realms and spheres of spiritual reality; thus arriving at the essence of God. But then in the end when he was done with all his experiments he decided to bring forth a masterpiece namely known as Adam Safi Allah and he was thinking of granting him some kind of eminence, some kind of supremacy over all other types of Adams. This eminence was not easy to achieve for common folks. Something is fundamentally wrong with Adam. You see Adam Safi Allah was the only Adam which was granted eminence but at the same time God forced him to error and he was forced to fall into an act of sin. Otherwise with all that eminence that he was granted he would not even think of committing a sin. But through the divine books, Torah, Talmud, Bible and Quran, in the end we learned that Adam Safi Allah was forced to commit a sin. The eminence which was granted to this particular Adam was stained with a mark of humiliation. The character that should have been depicted in the characterisation of the embodiment of eminence should have been crystal clear. With all that eminence which was granted to this type of Adam there was a big stain that this Adam was not fundamentally obedient to God. 

What we have learned in the book of Deen-e-Ilahi, His Divine Eminence Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi explains and declares that any act of sin is designed, planned, and executed by God but the blame is put on the human beings. That is something really clever and unjust! God is deceiving Adam Safi Allah, this is a form of deception. He didn’t know,  he was forcibly made to commit a sin. He is not even aware of what he was being put into. Having been thrown out of the paradise he cried with big mighty tears for many hundred years. He cried and he said I am so silly why did I commit a sin, I used to live in paradise just because of my sin I have been thrown out of the paradise. But the poor guy did not know it was not his mistake. He was forced to do it. This is something really, really unjust! The first master class masterpiece of God, Adam Safi Allah, ‘Adam the Eminent One’ and his journey begins with being thrown out from the paradise because he was being disobedient to God. Is this the threshold of eminence? Is this the beginning of an eminent way of life? On one hand you are expecting humanity not to fall into error, not to commit a sin, not to go against the will of God and then behind the scenes you are forcing the first eminent one into an error and you are making him do things you apparently call disobedience. What do you label it with? Deception, a wise decision, a planning of God or should we say God can do anything, whether right or wrong, he is always right because he is God, because he has nothing to fear about his accountability? What kind of system is this? What kind of justice is this? You can do anything you want but you do not allow your creation to go into an error. You are going to send him into hellfire because he is a sinner? On the other hand you can do anything you want and get away with it. That is not divinity that is a joke. The time has come when a true divinity should be exposed and manifest to people who deserve to be loved. Your time is over! 

For this eminence which was crowned as masterpiece, God goes on to say to the angels, ‘O angels you do not know this Adam is very special. You think I have made a mistake by creating him. No, this is not a mistake. What do you know, what permission, what power I am going to give to this type of Adam?’ The angels were objecting on this creation. The angels were really skeptical about God creating this Adam again. 

You think this eminence was granted to everybody? There was a huge price tag. All those spiritual machines of producing Divine Light (Noor) were buried under evil traits, under evil creativity; 4 birds, an Evil Whisperer (Khannas), Latifa-e-Nafs (Self/Ego). My friends your eye cannot bear a foreign object, as soon as anything goes into your eyes you want to remove it. But do you ever ponder there is a foreign Makhlooq (creature) that comes from Qoum-e-Jinnat (Nation of Jinns) in your body, the Latifa-e-Nafs. It is not in accordance with our nature but it was forced into our body and nature. Our nature has been buried under the negative creativity. Apparently we are known to be humans but a Shaitan (Devil) was forced on our nature. Due to this fact alone you are a human but you cannot act like a human because a Shaitan is controlling your body, your heart and your senses. What is the use? You were created a human but a thick layer of Shaitan is painted over your nature. Today I see people who look like human being but they act like Shaitan just because there is an evil Makhlooq residing in him who is controlling his entire body and his heart. We cannot get to see that human which was sent into this world, all we see is a Shaitan walking on two legs. Do you think this eminence was granted? No! It is to be achieved and there is a huge tag price, living in the jungle spending 12 years to get rid of that evil control of Nafs from your senses, intellect, spiritual intelligence and heart. Your heart is inside you but you are not aware of it. Your heart does not have life in it. Your heart cannot perform any spiritual acts. The knowledge is not given to your heart as a result of which all the spiritual mechanisms in your body remain to be inactive. You are born here and you die and you do not know what was placed in your body. Is this justice?

Mehdi Foundation International has been delegated to promote the knowledge, doctrine and perform spiritual surgery upon souls by the King of the Unseen World, Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi himself. We do honour any quest made by the divine guests but one thing has to go out very loud today that there is nothing on earth above the skies that may potentially have any powers to stop this on-going dispensary of Goharian Knowledge and if somebody up there above the skies is under any hint of doubt about the power of HDE Gohar Shahi they may examine and put themselves to a very duly and timely test. This knowledge has to go out and justice must be done to be seen. This is already planned that HDE Gohar Shahi will fill the world with justice and this justice continues to bliss and bless the hearts. We must continue it because this is the order of HDE Gohar Shahi. The proof of pudding is in eating it. If something is from a decree of HDE Gohar Shahi then nobody can stop it whether they vehemently detest it because words, instructions, directive of HDE cannot be interrupted or intercepted.

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