Tuesday 3 July 2012

Questions Addressed to the Followers of MFI

Mehdi Foundation International (The Mehdi Promulgation Movement)

1) What is the Kalima-e-Sabqah? Does the Quran mention the Kalima-e-Sabqah?

2) What is Alam-e-Ghaib (Unseen World)? Is it inhabited?

3) The title of Jesus Christ is ‘Rouh Allah’ (Spirit of God), what is meant by this?
4) The Quran states, ‘When the Momin (Believers) turn away from their religion God shall send his nation on earth, they will love God and God will love them.’ What is meant by the nation of God?

5) It was decided that Jesus Christ would return to this world in the Era of Imam Mehdi. Elias (Ilyas) is still present in this world and Enoch (Idrees) is present in the heaven with his physical body. Who is the One these two personalities are still awaiting in this world?

6) Please mention the important features of the Doctrine of Imam Mehdi. 

7) Is it possible to obtain Divine Love without following a religion? How can it be obtained? 


*Note to all MFI members: please email your detailed answers to HH Younus AlGohar immediately

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