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Termination of Prophet-hood and Sainthood

وَمَنْ يُضْلِلْ فَلَنْ تَجِدَ لَهُ وَلِيًّا مُرْشِدًا

The Quran says, 'God does not provide a Wali/Murshid (Spiritual Guide) to those he wishes to misguide and provides a Perfect Spiritual Guide (Murshid-e-Kamil) to those he wishes to grant guidance.'

In this era there are no Kamileen. After the advent of Imam Mehdi, no saint shall be sent. Just as Prophet-hood and Messenger-hood has been terminated after Prophet Mohammad, a title of HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi is ‘Khatim ul Auliya-o-Fuqra’ meaning sainthood shall be terminated after the advent of Imam Mehdi. The last Theophanies to fall upon this universe were those in Laal Baagh and after those Theophanies the door to Theophanies has been closed.

If Tahir ul Qadri considers himself the Ghous of this time, he is deceiving people. The reason being, how can we accept anybody to become a saint after sainthood has been terminated? Would you believe that after the last prophet, Prophet Mohammad, anybody can become a prophet? No! Despite how wonderful the lectures are would you be willing to accept somebody to be a prophet? This is the Divine Law. The last prophet, Prophet Mohammad is the seal of prophet-hood and messenger-hood in the progeny of Adam Safi Allah. What about the progenies of the other Adams? After the arrival of Imam Mehdi no prophet, messenger or saint shall be sent into the religions of the previous Adams.

A Muslim says, 'Imam Mehdi shall come and Imam Mehdi is not a prophet, messenger or saint.' A Hindu says. 'Kalki Avatar shall come,' a Sikh also says, 'Kalki Daar shall come' and a Jew says, 'The Messiah shall come.' This is the progeny of Adam Safi Allah but what about the progenies of Adam before Adam Safi Allah who are in some remote areas where the religions of Adam Safi Allah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus or Prophet Mohammad had not reached? Those progenies still follow the religions brought by the previous Adams, whose essence and reality has been altered. If those progenies have heard that the greatest of all messengers shall come and his image shall be on the Moon and when they see the face of HDE Gohar Shahi on the Moon and they say he is the greatest Messenger, if we say to those people, 'Imam Mehdi is not your messenger,' it would dishearten them. But on the other hand if we say, 'He is your messenger,' would we not be committing a sin? Hasn’t prophet-hood and messenger-hood been terminated after Prophet Mohammad?

Prophet Mohammad is the seal of messenger-hood in the progeny of Adam Safi Allah however in Peru, South America, the Holy Scriptures found within the pyramids reveal, the greatest of all messengers shall come whose image shall be on the Moon. Those Holy Scriptures reveal that only prophets have been sent in their progeny and no messenger has come. Only one messenger shall come who will be the first and last messenger and His face shall be on the Moon.

If by saying, 'Imam Mehdi is your prophet/messenger,' people are able to reach God, what is the harm in doing so? Even the Saints of God used this method. Two people came to Abu Bakar Shibley (a saint) to obtain Spiritual Grace and he said, 'To obtain Spiritual Grace you must first change your Kalima to "La Ilaha Illallah Shibley Rasool Allah".' One recited it while the other ran away. Abu Bakar Shibley asked the one who recited the Kalima why the other one ran away and he replied, 'Because of the Kalima.' Abu Bakar Shibley asked him why he didn’t run away. He smiled and said, 'I know you are a saint of God and whatever a saint says is the truth.' Abu Bakar Shibley said, 'It was just a test of your faith, now recite the true Kalima, "La Ilaha Illallah Mohammad Rasool Allah".' We would do something similar. We would say, 'Imam Mehdi is your prophet, come and get the initiation of the heart,' and afterwards we would have them change their vocabulary from prophet/messenger to Imam Mehdi once their hearts are enlightened with Divine Light.

Should we deprive them of Spiritual Grace and Emaan because of the title they call upon Imam Mehdi with, when Imam Mehdi has come to revive the hearts of humanity with God’s love? Your focus should be kept on your purpose! The purpose of any spiritual personality in this world is to enlighten, illumine and connect the hearts of humanity with God. Nothing should become an obstacle in the way of their purpose.

HDE Gohar Shahi said, 'When Prophet Mohammad came to this world, nobody accepted him as a prophet or messenger; they used to say he is Sadiq (righteous) and Amin (trustworthy). At the end people began to accept him as a prophet.' When the Quran was revealed people referred to Prophet Mohammad as ‘Majnoun’ and in Arabic a ‘Majnoun’ is one who is under the influence of a Jinn. Prophet Mohammad had not gone to any madrassa, he had not learned to read or write and suddenly he was revealing such knowledge, they were unable to understand this was Divine Inspiration brought by Gabriel and how would they understand? Before Prophet Mohammad, no prophet had been sent to that particular Arab region. Prophet Mohammad was the first and last prophet sent to that region. Therefore they said it was a Jinn speaking. People did not focus on the teachings. Most people accepted Islam because of the character of Prophet Mohammad. People called him Sadiq because whatever the prophet said would happen. If the prophet said it would rain, it would rain. They would say he is honest he is Sadiq but were unable to understand that it was a miracle. In that era even the enemies of the Prophet would have their Amanat (entrust) returned to them as is and they would say Prophet Mohammad is Amin. Towards the end people began to accept him as a prophet. Being a Sadiq or Amin is not a rank. Some people said he is Sadiq, Amin, Majnoun, both positive and negative attributes. At the end the truth was revealed that he was a prophet. Similarly when the Spiritual Grace of Imam Mehdi reaches humanity, if someone refers to Imam Mehdi as a prophet what difference does it make? People did not recognise Prophet Mohammad by his rank initially. As they acquired knowledge the truth was revealed.

It is very possible that you might go to a particular region where you might not find these religions, no Jews, Christians, Hindus or Muslims. The people there might practise their local religions from the ancient Adams. People living in the jungles of Africa worship fire.

In 1997 I went with HDE Gohar Shahi to South Africa. There was a Hindu temple in Chatsworth and people used to light a fire and worship there. Before we went there, HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘They are worshippers of fire, respect them’. They were followers of Sai Baba. When we went into the temple, they had put the image of Sai Baba on the floor where they would bow before them. When HDE went there and a chair was put for Him, HDE refused to sit down. HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘Sai Baba is a friend of God, take his image off of the floor and put it up somewhere above than I shall sit on the chair’. This is greatness of character. When they heard this, they said how come this thought never came to us? They were very impressed and HDE enjoyed their Bhajan (devotional songs). Many people obtained Spiritual Grace and believe HDE Gohar Shahi to be Imam Mehdi. They began to love HDE and wherever HDE Gohar Shahi’s love spread, there, people were freed from the shackles of the religions.  

You might have heard of a group in America, New Delhi, etc. known as the Baha’i faith. Many Muslims are unaware of them and those who are aware believe they are a sect of Islam. This is a misconception. They say so because a student of Baha ul Haq claimed to be Imam Mehdi and his name was Baab Effendi. Where did Baha’i come from? In Iran there was a spiritual dignitary, Baha ul Haq, in Persian ‘Baha’ means beautiful. In the year 2000 HDE gave be a book written by Baha ul Haq and asked me to read it. HDE said, ‘What do you think of it?’ I said there seems to be nothing wrong with the teachings in his book however he claims to be a prophet. HDE said, ‘Baha ul Haq really was a prophet’. I began to say Prophet Mohammad is the last prophet how can he be a prophet? HDE smiled and replied, ‘Yes, Prophet Mohammad is the last prophet however he is a prophet also.’ I said I don’t understand.

HDE said, ‘Prophet Mohammad is the last prophet of the progeny of Adam Safi Allah and Baha ul Haq is from the progeny of another Adam. In that progeny prophet-hood has not yet been terminated. Remember this!’

I said what benefit is it to us if he is a prophet or not? HDE replied, ‘You shall not benefit from him however the last prophet is yet to come in the progenies of other Adams who existed before the arrival of Adam Safi Allah. If you come across somebody from that progeny and they ask you why you are carrying a picture of their prophet (Imam Mehdi) what will happen then, what will you say? Would you say He [Imam Mehdi] is not your prophet? If you do so, they will not come and accept your message. If those people say He [Imam Mehdi] is our prophet, let them believe so. Do not be a hindrance in their way.’

This is a very delicate matter. We have carefully and clearly explained this matter because we are aware our opponents may twist these words to spread a negative propaganda against us. We clearly say that Prophet Mohammad is the last prophet and messenger however, he is the last prophet and messenger in the progeny of Adam Safi Allah. But, those Adams who came before Adam Safi Allah are not included among the Abrahamic faiths (Millat-e-Ibrahimi), they do not have spiritual knowledge of Sufism and engage in physical worship only.

Obviously if they had lived in the cities they would have been introduced to the other religions but they live in remote areas such as jungles, mountains, islands, etc. where most people have not been and they practise religions common folks are unaware of. If such people call Imam Mehdi their prophet, are you going to quarrel with them over this matter that the last prophet was Prophet Mohammad and he has already come, when they are unaware of this? We say this with great responsibility so that nobody may be able to spread a negative propaganda nor anybody may be in confusion over this.



When our message reaches the people of those remote regions who belong to the progenies of the previous Adams, we would say to them they may believe in HDE Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi in accordance with their tenet but according to us, prophet-hood has been terminated because we belong to the progeny of Adam Safi Allah. After the arrival of Prophet Mohammad prophet-hood and messenger-hood was terminated but sainthood continued amongst the progeny of Adam Safi Allah. After the advent of Imam Mehdi even sainthood was terminated amongst the progeny of Adam Safi Allah. After the advent of Imam Mehdi, prophet-hood, messenger-hood and sainthood were all terminated amongst the progenies of the previous Adams because after Imam Mehdi, the world has no right to live. His arrival marks the twilight of this world.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi is the only personality who shall render the knowledge of Sufism, grant salvation and dispense the Spiritual Grace of Divine Love. If Tahir ul Qadri claims to be the Ghous of this time this cannot be accepted because after the arrival of Imam Mehdi, doors to sainthood have been closed. Nobody can become a saint now. Those who do not believe in Imam Mehdi have given Tahir ul Qadri many titles such as Mujaddid, Sheikh ul Islam and now Ghous.

The Concept of Prophet in the Western World

Now in the Western World the word prophet has a different meaning. According to them a prophet is one who reveals a secret, reveals something hidden or makes a prediction. The Arabic word for prophet, ‘Nabi’ means one who gives news but the clerics say ‘Nabi’ means one who reveals the secrets of Ghaib (Unseen). This is not true. Even the Quran mentions the knowledge of Ghaib was only given to select Messengers of God whereas these clerics have changed the meaning of ‘Nabi’ to one who reveals secrets of Ghaib. If this was the case then all the prophets would have the knowledge of Ghaib and here Quran is saying select Messengers have this knowledge of Ghaib. Therefore, in the light of the Quran, their explanation is proven wrong.  

Even the psalmists read your hand and predict what shall happen to you tomorrow etc. and such people are called prophets. When they hear about HDE Gohar Shahi’s prediction about 2026 they would say He is a prophet but here prophet does not mean ‘Nabi’, it simply means one who predicts. 

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