Friday 5 September 2014

Pakistan Freedom Movement Series: Ideology

The following is an excerpt of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech (video above).

Pakistan is currently in the hands of corrupt thieves, traitors, hypocrites and tyrants. All negative and evil vices can be found among those who are governing the country. Keeping this in mind, when we look at the manifesto of Imran Khan, it appears to be that light you often see at the end of the tunnel, the only ray of hope. 

Democracy in Pakistan is a joke and many senior politicians have become notorious for switching political parties time and time again, such as Javed Hashmi. First, Hashmi was with the Pakistan Peoples' Party (PPP), then he spent over 20 years with Pakistan Muslim League Noon (PMLN) and then he joined Imran Khan's party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). He was especially planted there by PMLN to use against Imran Khan; he deceived Imran Khan as per plan. [The sad thing is], he was the one whom Imran Khan gave the most respect to in the party. Many PTI members of Parliament (MNA) refused to resign when asked by the Chairman of PTI. They ran away on 'holidays'. 

Imran Khan's loyalty with the nation, with the country of Pakistan and his sincerity with Pakistan and the Pakistani nation is not questionable. There is no doubt as to how sincere he is with his nation and country. But is every other member of PTI as trustworthy and sincere as Imran Khan? If they are not as sincere, trustworthy and steadfast as Imran is, then this could be because of many reasons. 

First of all, the members of PTI have not been educated with the ideology upon which Imran Khan is working. Ideological training must be given to each and every member of PTI. This way people will not blindly follow PTI. The ideology must be instilled into the hearts of the people; this is not brainwashing. For example, a member of Mehdi Foundation International rejects the fake shrine built in the name of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi and he/she will never budge or compromise with anyone on this issue. This is ideology. If anyone claims to be a member of MFI, then everyone would know what his/her beliefs and tenets are. Similarly, the ideology of Imran Khan and PTI must be instilled into each and every member of PTI to be successful.

There are two things in this world: one is the slogan and another is the ideology. Bhutto raised the slogan of, 'Roti Kapra aur Makaan' (Food, Clothing and Shelter). If this was an ideology, then each and every person would have Roti, Kapra and Makaan. Slogans may change, but the ideology can never change.

At this point in time, Imran Khan needs to inject the ideology into his people. If the members of PTI were ideological, then not one would be in Karachi or Sialkot. They would all be in Islamabad at the sit-in with their leader. 

We believe in supporting the truth. Even if the truth comes from the enemy, we support it. On the other hand, the followers of Tahir ul Qadri are there based on ideology and the difference is obvious. Imran Khan's followers leave during the day and come at night whereas Tahir ul Qadri's people stay. They have put up tents and made a temporary abode there. The discipline of the military makes the military successful and religious/spiritual respect for the leader is the key to success for followers of a religious/spiritual organisation. Imran Khan has been calling out to people for so many days, but people are not coming. However, when Tahir ul Qadri calls his people, they come running and this is because Tahir ul Qadri has spent 32 years injecting his ideology into his followers. In the eyes of his followers, whatever he says is right. In true sense, this is what the Western World would term a personality cult. I am not saying there is anything wrong with this, but what's more important is who the personality is. 

Imran Khan's ideology is wonderful, but he is struggling on these points. When he says, 'Even if no one is here, I will be here alone on this container until Nawaz Sharif resigns,' a person only says such things when he does not have faith in his fellowship or when he knows that nobody would sit there for too long. But people should know there is no set time for a revolution! It is not as if a revolution will come about in 10 days, and if it takes 11 days, then you grab your leader and ask why it's taking longer [than expected]. It doesn't work that way. 

We agree with Imran Khan on many things and there are some things that we do not agree with. There are some things we do agree with but they are not seen in his character, in practice. This is intended to be criticism for the sake of correction. Imran Khan said, 'The Nation has awoken.' If only it were true! But only the nation that is dormant can be awakened; a dead nation cannot be awakened. If the Pakistani Nation had awakened, then all would have come to Islamabad after hearing Imran Khan's manifesto. But this nation does not care to secure its future. This nation does not care about its religion or faith. The moment you give up and give in to social atrocities, the moment you give in to social injustice, you have destroyed your future. The moment you lose hope and accept tyranny, you have destroyed your future. When one has established hope, this is called determination. God likes those who are determined. God tests them again and again. May God grant Imran Khan success! 

Coming back to ideology, ideology is the most important. Why do people come into politics in Pakistan? Their incentive is to win a seat in the elections and use their post to make large sums of money. In Pakistan, no other profession is more glamorous than politics. Look at the homes of each and every politician in Pakistan. If they go to Karachi, they have a home in Karachi; if they go to Islamabad, they have a home in Islamabad too. They sit in the Parliament and talk about the Constitution and Parliament all day. What is their source of income? They don't need to do anything when they bag millions of dollars through bribery. Imran Khan is honest and sincere - there is no doubt, but what about the other members of PTI? 

Nawaz Sharif's resignation is bound to happen; it has been approved in Batin (in the Divine Court). But Imran Khan needs to bring forth the sincere people. Maybe the delay is for a reason. That reason may be that God wants all PTI members to be sincere and all the black sheep to leave before Nawaz Sharif resigns, to be sure the rest of PTI are as trustworthy as Imran Khan - so that when given the opportunity, they will not misuse their power or become corrupted. 

For example, if somebody is the National Treasurer for 10 years, then he needs to live off only his salary. Not a single penny from the national treasury should go into his pocket. 

If members do not agree with their leader over petty issues and they are only seeking personal benefits, then this is not ideology. Imran Khan should instil the ideology into the hearts and minds of his followers. There must be no compromise when it comes to ideology. 'Every person in Pakistan will be given justice,' should be the ideology, not a mere slogan. 

In addition, you must give an explanation for every action you take. If you do something without giving the reason for it, mischief-mongers will use it in conspiracies against you. There is no doubt that Pervez Musharraf is a patriot, but he made some naive mistakes during his tenure. When Pervez Musharraf removed Justice Iftikar Chaudhry, he did not explain to the nation that he removed Iftikar Chaudhry because he was corrupt and infectious. You must explain to the nation why you are doing what you are doing. No prophet and no divine inspiration will come to the people and explain it for you. Nawab Akbar Bugti was killed because he was a traitor of Pakistan. He declared himself to be an enemy of the Pakistan and its Army and he did not allow the flag of Pakistan to be raised - but politicians and media in Pakistan think Musharraf should be hanged because they do not know the truth. Musharraf should have explained this to the people. 

To avoid the spread of mischief, you must clarify every move. 

Then we have Mehmood Achakzai: he is a traitor of Pakistan. He has befriended the enemies of Pakistan, such as the Chief Intelligence Officer of Afghanistan, who has expressed disgust for even the name of Pakistan. He accepts expensive gifts from such people and still terms himself a patriot. Such are the people sitting in the National Assembly! They are not even worthy of respect. And today, this Parliament is using such abhorable words for the people due to the votes of whom they have become MNAs. They term these protesters sitting outside the Parliament House as 'Beggars, gypsies and filth.' These people are filth? They are the citizens of Pakistan and this Parliament House belongs to the public. 

Therefore, you must explain your actions to the public so as to avoid misunderstandings and so people do not develop an ill conjecture. The greatest thing in this system is information. It is mandatory to inform the people, otherwise mischief-mongers may use it against you and those who love you might become concerned.

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