Thursday 11 September 2014

Is Keeping a Pet Haram in Islam?

The following is a translated transcript of His Holiness Younus AlGohar's speech. 

With each passing day and each session of Parliament, the so-called 'government' of PMLN is further exposed. They have turned the Parliament floor into a circus. Today, they object as to why Imran Khan has a dog for a pet, taking character assassination to its lowest level yet. They claim to be educated and democratic but have proven themselves to be the most illiterate and religiously ignorant. Rather than discussing important issues such as political failures of this government and extensive flooding in Pakistan - or maybe even the protestors outside - they have resorted to discussing Imran Khan's pet; that too on the floor of the Parliament!

To all those so-called Muslims who object to Imran Khan's dog and say that it is against Sharia [to keep one as a pet], why did God send a dog down with Adam Safi Allah for his protection? The first Messenger of God had a dog that he brought down from heaven when he descended to Earth. But in Pakistan, Muslims think dogs are impure.

Now, according to Ahadith, cats used to sit in the lap of Prophet Mohammad (saw); the name of one of his Companions, Abu Hurerra, literally meant 'The Father of Cats.' In Arabic, 'Abu,' means father and 'Hurerra,' means cat. Cats used to roam around Prophet Mohammad. Even during Salat (prayers), his cats would roam around him and Prophet Mohammad would pet them lovingly.

What kind of Muslims are they who say it is against Sharia to keep a dog when God sent down a dog with his Messenger from heaven? That is nonsense! Pervez Musharraf used to keep dogs as well and the religious clerics would say, 'Look, he calls himself a Muslim but has a dog sitting next to him.' 

God sent a dog with Adam Safi Allah from the heaven as his guard dog. These so-called Muslims today would be lucky to even get a whiff of heaven - and here a dog was sent from heaven by God. If God has sent a dog for protection, do you think you know more than God? Unless Pakistan has a different God, everyone's God is the same. 

There was a Saint in Sindh named Shah Abdul Lateef Bhattai. He used to keep a dog with him also. One day, he tied his dog outside the mosque and went inside to offer Salat. When clerics saw the dog outside the mosque, they objected and complained. The Saint replied, 'I have tied the dog outside the mosque but you are sitting with your dogs inside.'

In Deen-e-Ilahi (The Religion of God (Divine Love)), HDE Gohar Shahi says, 'A dog is better than a man who does not possess love of God in his heart.'

Do not think Islam is [simply] growing a beard, reciting the Quran, building a mosque, offering Salat and making your appearance like a Momin (true believer). Do not think one who has a dog or a cat in his lap is a Kafir (infidel). Get rid of such false notions. Such thoughts are Batil (false). Real Islam is purification of the Nafs (Self/Ego).

HDE Gohar Shahi has explained the Hadith which says, 'Angels do not shower blessings upon homes in which dogs reside.' HDE said, 'This does not refer to a physical dog; rather, it refers to the dog of your Nafs, Nafs-e-Ammarah. When the Nafs is impure and a dog in appearance, the angels responsible for initiating the heart with God's name will not be able to enter the heart.'

Many people in the world love dogs more than they love humans. Not only do their dogs live with them, they often sleep with them in their beds. Such people are living lavishly - so can we say angels do not shower blessings upon such homes? Islamic clerics have made a fool out of this nation. Keeping a dog is an act of Adam Safi Allah.

HDE Gohar Shahi said, 'The dog that came from heaven shall definitely go back to heaven.'

Qatmir is a progeny of dogs in Batin (esoteric/spiritual realm). There is an exoteric dog and then there is an esoteric dog. The exoteric being (Zahir) and esoteric being (Batin) of the dog that came with Adam Safi Allah were separated. Those people who acquired the Batin of the dog in the form of their Nafs shall remain loyal to Imam Mehdi AS until the very end; no one else will be capable of doing so - and therefore, one who comes from heaven will go to heaven.

Keeping a dog is neither indecent nor against any religion or Sharia. Those who say such rubbish are doing so out of jealousy. There is nothing wrong with having a dog for a pet.

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