Monday, 11 February 2019

Hazrat Owais Qarni Sihabi Rasool (saw) Kesay Thay?

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Younus AlGohar answers a question from a viewer who asked how Owais Qarni was a Companion of the Prophet Mohammad. Younus AlGohar explains how Owais Qarni was the most eminent of all the Companions.

Main points:

- The religious clerics say that Owais Qarni was from the Tabieen (second-generation followers). A 'Tabay' is one who did not live in Prophet Mohammad's time; rather he lived in the time of the Companions and accepted Islam through them. The people who accepted Islam through the Tabieen came to be known as the 'Taba Tabieen'. However, nobody went to Owais Qarni in Yemen with the message of Islam, therefore he does not fit in the categories of Tabieen or Taba Tabieen.

- It was Prophet Mohammad who told Umar and Ali to go to Yemen, where Owais Qarni was. He said, ‘There is a man who loves me rapturously there. Give him my Jubba.’ When they asked Prophet Mohammad how they would recognise Owais Qarni, Prophet Mohammad said there was a white mark on his hand. Just imagine what his connection with Prophet Mohammad must be like!

- Out of all the Companions of Prophet Mohammad, Owais Qarni was the only one to be granted spiritual benevolence and company of Prophet Mohammad’s soul. And the company of the soul that was available to him was such that he and Prophet Mohammad knew each other's physical features. This is why we don't just consider Owais Qarni to be a Companion - rather, he is the greatest Companion.

- When you enter your grave, the angels will show you an image of Prophet Mohammad and ask you what your tenet and conjecture was about him. This means that the angels understand that every member of Prophet Mohammad's Nation will have seen Prophet Mohammad. And there is no condition as to whether you saw Prophet Mohammad physically or spiritually.

HDE Gohar Shahi said, 'One cannot become a member of Prophet Mohammad's Nation without seeing Prophet Mohammad.'

- Whether or not you were born in the era of Prophet Mohammad, as a member of Prophet Mohammad's Nation, you are bound to see Prophet Mohammad. When you learn how to become a member of the Nation, then during those lessons, there will be a chapter on seeing Prophet Mohammad as well. A member of Prophet Mohammad Nation will absolutely see Prophet Mohammad during his lifetime, even if it right before he dies.


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