Thursday, 7 February 2019

Murshid Ki Khabargeeri


In this monumental speech, Younus AlGohar explains what it means for the Spiritual Guide to supervise a disciple. He speaks at length about the difference between the common method of supervision and the special type of supervision reserved for the most elite disciple.

Main points:

- There are different types of Spiritual Guides. Some Spiritual Guides are ‘Perfect’ in Sharia, some others are ‘Perfect’ in Tariqat and some others are ‘Perfect’ in Haqiqat.  The Spiritual Guide who is perfect in Sharia sacrifices the Exoteric Sharia in order to teach his disciples Esoteric Sharia; he purifies their Lower Selves. For example, cursing Devout Believers makes one a Fasiq and it is wrong according to Exoteric Sharia - however, the Perfect Spiritual Guides would swear at the disciples a great deal.

- Exoteric Sharia is the incomplete Sharia and the Esoteric Sharia is the complete and true Sharia. The one who makes you sin is the Lower Self; your hands and feet, tongues and ears are being used as a puppet. Therefore, controlling the Lower Self is the true Sharia. The exoteric aspect of Sharia has to do with the body and the esoteric aspect of Sharia has to do with the Lower Self. The Exoteric Sharia is for the purification of the body and the Esoteric Sharia is for the purification of the Lower Self.

- The Spiritual Guide perfect in Sharia will purify your Lower Self. The Spiritual Guide perfect in Tariqat will awaken and enlighten your Spiritual Heart and take you towards the knowledge of the Subtlety of Ana [ie seeing God]. After obtaining the knowledge of the Subtlety of Ana when it is time for you to witness the divine splendour, then the Spiritual Guide perfect in Haqiqat will complete the journey with his spiritual sight. And a Spiritual Guide who can supervise his disciples all the time regardless of the distance comes under all these categories.

- There are two types of spiritual supervision. Number 1 - the common spiritual supervision. Number 2 - the special spiritual supervision. For the common spiritual supervision, the disciple's Lower Self must be at the stage of the Inspired Self. When you commit a sin, the Blameworthy Self will inwardly humiliate you by making you realise you have done something wrong; it doesn't do anything else. If you wish to come under the spiritual supervision of the Spiritual Guide then your Lower Self must be at the stage of the Inspired Self. When your Lower Self becomes the Inspired Self and you try to commit a sin, the Spiritual Guide will spiritually send you a message, 'Do not do this.' It stops you from sinning but it does not tell you what to do.

His Divine Eminence said, 'Successful is the one who obtained two things: a Spiritual Heart which is eternally engaged in God's invocation and a Spiritual Guide who supervises you even from a distance.'

- Every Spiritual Heart has a limit set for the amount of invocation it can engage in. When it reaches its limit, it falls silent. When it falls silent, it cannot receive the messages sent by the Spiritual Guide. The Spiritual Hearts of those who are to be included among the Divine Lovers have to invoke upon God at least 125 000 a day - and as it is not normal for there to be so much heat and movement in the human body, it causes them to feel perpetually feverish and dizzy. Therefore, HDE Gohar Shahi’s statement does not apply to a group of people - rather it was a reference to a specific disciple.

- The Spiritual Heart has three sub-spirits. When the Spiritual Guide wishes to make a disciple a Fana fil Sheikh, he replaces one of his sub-spirits of the heart with his own. There is also a disciple of HDE Gohar Shahi whose Spiritual Heart is empty of his own sub-spirits and is rather filled with the presence of the sub-spirits of HDE Gohar Shahi. It is such a heart that can be counted as eternally engaging in invocation - because the presence of the sub-spirits of HDE Gohar Shahi is dominant in his heart.


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