Thursday 14 November 2019

SC04: Sufi Kesay Bana Jaye?

In Lesson 4 of the Elementary Sufi Course, Sufi Master Younus AlGohar explains how to become a Sufi.

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- When an Indian national travels to the USA, he needs a visa. The visa is the USA's approval for him to enter the country; to apply for it, he needs to go the US Embassy. Similarly,  one who wants to reach and love God needs to apply for God's permission.

- The approval from God in Sufism comes in the form of the Permission for Activation of the Heart (Izn-e-Dhikr-e-Qalb). This is the first lesson of Sufism.

- Those who seek God's approval cannot ask God directly, they need to seek permission through a divine embassy. And God's embassies are his friends like Data Ali Hajweri, Bulleh Shah, Abdul Qadir Jilani, Baba Guru Nanak, etc.

- When a seeker visits these saints of God, they ask the seeker why he has come to see them. If the seeker replies, 'I would like to become a Devout Believer', they take his application and submit it to God for approval.

- When a seeker comes to apply for God's love, their application is to verbally repeat 'Allah Hoo' three times after the Spiritual Guide. He will take their profile to Bait al Mamour (The Original Worship Place) where the special angels take that profile to God. God will ask, 'Why have you brought him here?' The Spiritual Guide will reply, 'I have brought him to befriend you'.

- Now, if God is not interested, he will immediately reject the seeker. If God is interested in accepting the seeker’s friendship, he will ask for a guarantor (Wali Murshid) who will take responsibility for the seeker so that they do not deviate from the path.

- Those who obtain this knowledge of Sufism will never say anything that is unsupported by the Quran and Prophetic Traditions (Hadith).

‘One who is a Devout Believer (has been accepted by God), God will direct his Spiritual Heart.’ Quran 64:11

Sultan Haq Bahu stated, ‘My Master implanted the seed of God’s love in my heart which flourished with modesty, piety, and acceptance of his existence and now my Beloved is present in every throbbing pulse.’

- The Personal Name of God becomes synchronised in the beating system of the heart with the spiritual concentration of the Spiritual Guide, thus reviving the heart of the aspirant with God’s name.


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