Thursday 14 November 2019

SC05: Sufi Ki Pehchan

In Lesson 5 of the Elementary Sufi Course, Sufi Master Younus AlGohar explains how to recognise a true Sufi.

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‘One who is a Devout Believer (has been accepted by God), God will direct his Spiritual Heart.’ Quran 64:11

‘A devout believer is one who is not disturbed in the engagement of Dhikr Allah by any business.’ Quran 24:35

'They [the devout believers] commemorate God while standing, sitting or tossing and turning [in their beds].' Quran 3:191

- Therefore, the sign of a devout believer is that their hearts are engrossed in the undisturbed and uninterrupted commemoration of God’s name even as they carry out day-to-day tasks.

- The thing which must be engaged in the commemoration of God’s name must be something which can do so constantly and that is the heart. The heart beats whether you are awake or asleep. Therefore, it must be the heart in which God’s name settles.

- The first phase of the Sufi path is Dhakooriyat (Knowledge of Commemorating God’s Names) and this includes Dhikr (commemoration of God’s name) with the different souls and spirits.

- Fake Sufis cannot imitate the commemoration of God's name in the heart.


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