Thursday 14 November 2019

SC06: Zakooriyat Kya Hai?


In Lesson 6 of the Elementary Sufi Course, Sufi Master Younus AlGohar delves into the vast topic of Zakooriyat (Dhakooriyat, the Knowledge of Commemorating God's Names).

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- The first phase of the Sufi path is Dhakooriyat (Knowledge of Commemorating God’s Names) and this includes Dhikr (commemoration of God’s name) with the different souls and spirits.

‘Fazkuruni azkurukum washkuruli wala takfiroon’.

In this famous Quranic clause, God states, 'If you want to befriend me, commemorate me and I shall commemorate you. And do not reject this truth.' 2:152

- This Quranic clause is commonly mistranslated and the word washkuruli is said to be derived from the word ‘shukr’ (gratitude). This is incorrect; commemoration of God and gratitude are two different things.  The clause further mentions the rejection of the truth and if indeed washkuruli was derived from gratitude, it does not make sense in this context.

- HDE Gohar Shahi elaborates that the word used here, wahkuruli has not been derived from shukr rather it is from Suryani (the language God speaks), not Arabic. In Suryani, the word mashkoor means friend.

- Zakooriyat itself begins with the Activation of the Heart.

- To commemorate God verbally does not do it justice. God has invested multiple souls within each human being. All of the souls and their sub-spirits, including the Nafs (Lower Self) and Ana (Higher Self), must engage in God’s commemoration, and reach their respective realms. Only then will the requirements of this Quranic clause be fulfilled.

-  If God wants to grant you an even higher rank in Zakooriyat, he will grant you to be a Zakir e Sultani.


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