Sunday, 25 March 2018

18 Saala Haq Ki Talash Khatam Howi Dar-e-Gohar Shahi Par

Mazhar Baig from Jhelum recounts how his 18 year quest to find the Spiritual Path came to an end when he stumbled across the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love.

Younus AlGohar explains the different types of sainthood and the guideline to recognising a man of God, and how to progress further on the Spiritual Path.

Main points:

- The recognition of saints nowadays in the minds of people is strictly their outer appearance. If someone is wearing torn and ragged clothes, holding a rosary in their hands and keeps a long beard then they are deemed saintly. However, sainthood has to do the with your inner; the souls.

- Spiritual Poverty is of two types: one which is related to Prophet Mohammad (Faqr-e-Bakaram) and one which is related directly to God (Faqr-e-Bakamaliyat). The former takes you to the court of Prophet Mohammad and it is dangerously restricted by the religion whereas the latter takes you directly to God and it is unrestricted.

- When one reaches the culmination of Spiritual Poverty, they literally become God. The narrow-minded, uneducated and ignorant people will not understand this. They think God is in the higher realms and the saint is the man before them. They keep that difference between the saint and God.

- Many people from the lineage of a famous saint are ever-ready to step into the boots of the saint. However, sainthood, prophethood and messengerhood is not inherited. It is only granted upon God's desire and will. The son of a saint does not have to be born a saint, on the other hand Prophet Abraham's father was not a prophet, he was an infidel.

- The most important thing for the recognition of a saint is to enlighten yourself from within. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has dispensed the secret of enlightenment: Opening of the Spiritual Heart. The heart is the main organ in the body and once God's name enters the beating system of the heart, it will generate Divine Light. The Divine Light will become a beacon for you.

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