Sunday, 18 March 2018


The explanation of Bayt (Pledge of Allegiance) by Younus AlGohar.

Main points:

- Bayt is a promise or commitment between a disciple and Spiritual Guide, just as a business deal and a marriage is a contract. Bayt is the contract of coming into the servitude of a Spiritual Guide. The Spiritual Guide will connect the disciple to God and in return the disciple must stay obedient to the Spiritual Guide. The Spiritual Guide can take any form of service, whether it is physical or otherwise.

- The Spiritual Guide has some rights over the disciple and vice versa. [In Bayt] a disciple must be completely obedient and submissive to the will of the Spiritual Guide. One who does not have a Spiritual Guide must be obedient to God and the Prophet, however, one who does have a Spiritual Guide can only be obedient to the Spiritual Guide after the contract.

- Some Spiritual Guides are greater in rank than the Kaaba and their disciples are not required to go to Mecca to perform Hajj, they can circumambulate around their Spiritual Guide. Some Spiritual Guides are greater in rank than the Bait ul Mamour (The Original Worship place) whereas some are greater in rank than the Throne of God.

- People who are doing Bayt nowadays are unaware of its reality, they do it simply because they have heard about it from their elders. The disciples don't know why they are doing Bayt but their so-called Spiritual Guides are doing it to warm their pockets; the more disciples they have the more donations they receive.

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